Saturday, September 25, 2010

Obama the Redistributist Warfarist Compared to George H.W. Bush/Ronald Reagan in 1980

by the Left Coast Rebel

I have been really busy in the last 2 days, thus missed El Collectivista Presidente's Hugo Chavez-esque rant against the watered down, somewhat-toothless, "Pledge to America" released recently.

Instead of dissecting the hair-pulling minutiae of El Collectivista Presidente's all-too-predictable attack, I point you to a fascinating debate between Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush in 1980.

The contrast between the two couldn't be any more bold. And while GHB's statism is nowhere near Obama's, it proves that statists have always been in positions of power in the Republican party. Reagan states his case and does it well.

Although I disagree with tax cuts without corresponding spending cuts as well. We need to drastically shrink the Leviathan and cut taxes.

Hat-tip goes to Last Tradition. Check out all of the great stuff he has up here. Cross posted to LCR.

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  1. Observation #1 - These guys had more substance than almost any politician alive today, with the possible exception of Ron Paul.

    Observation #2 -We need a flat individual tax rate. Graduated up to 35K and flat without exemptions or deductions of 10%

    Business tax rate should be 10% AFTER legitimate business costs are deducted.

    Let's get government out of of our pockets and our bedroom and end the need for special interests lobbyists once and for all. That is the essence of conservatism, limited governemnt, self reliance, individual and personal responsibility, and would be the death knoll to the "progressive, statist collectivist, anti capitalist, America hating: left.

    Then we could do our tax returns on a post card as Reagan once envisioned.


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