Sunday, September 12, 2010

Islams' Intolerance

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

MSNBC, a source I rarely use for what I think are obvious reasons, reports that Saudi diplomat Ali Ahmad Asseri has applied for political asylum in the United States for fear of his life should he be forced to return to his native country.

His crime? It turns out he is gay and is a close friend to a Jewish women. Apparently after these facts were discovered by Saudi officials he was fired from his job and his passport has not been renewed

Asseri in applying for asylum has done so on the grounds he is a member of a particular social group, in his case gays, that would subject him to persecution and possible death should he be forced to return to Saudi Arabia.

Asseri has claimed should he be forced to return to his native land, "My life is in a great danger here and if I go back to Saudi Arabia, they will kill me openly in broad daylight,”

This little published bit of information is significant. It points to the fact the very religious ideology the progressives love to claim is a religion of peace and tolerance in fact is the exact opposite and is in reality highly intolerant.

The very same Islamists that demand tolerance (read Mosque at Ground Zero) show no tolerance for anything that falls outside their narrow belief system. Hypocritical at best, dangerous at its worst. Examples such as Asseri are numerous, however the main stream media and Micheal Moore prefer not to acknowledge them because they don't fit the progressive narrative.

The Islamic Muslim community needs to begin standing up and denouncing the hypocrisy and intolerance found within their faith. When they finally do Americans will likely stop seeing Islam as the threat to our way of life, our liberties, and our pursuit of happiness.

American Muslims, raise your voices in protest against the intolerance of your religion and the hypocrisy found within.

Read the MSNBC story here.

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