Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday News Ticker at Rational Nation USA

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Friday, aside from being the end of a long week, happens to be a day in which blogging time is more difficult to come by. As this is generally true of most Friday's at Rational Nation USA we will begin today with the first "RN Friday Ticker Line"  Every attempt will be made to get the get "the line" out early in forthcoming weeks.

Hillary in 2012? The Secretary say's no but the first add is out.

More on California's Prop 8. The outlook becoming cloudier.

With the economy continuing to falter the White house is considering a round of tax breaks for business worth hundreds of billions.

Even while private sector companies added jobs in August the unemployment rate rose.

Fed's case against Arizona's Immigration law hits stumbling block.

New development on Mosque near Ground Zero... One of the financial backers has been linked to terrorist group.

World renowned Physicist, Steven Hawking postulates God didn't create the universe.

President Obama stands by his "Summer Of Recovery." Conservative Doug Power's on Michelle Malkin's blog had this response.

An odd pairing, Chinese officials and U.S. Christian Evangelicals. The goal... Teaching abstinence.

AFL-CIO President likens Sarah Palin to McCarthyism.

Gallop Poll shows anti democratic sentiment is aiding the GOP heading into November elections.

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