Monday, September 27, 2010

Feminized Men

By: Bastiatarian

One or two people may have noticed that I haven't been posting anything new recently. Circumstances (work and research-related, not tragedy-related, fortunately) dictate that I take a leave of absence from blogging for a month or so as I try to pound through some projects.

Before that, however, I wanted to post one thing that I have been thinking about lately.

 A number of years ago, Dr. Steven Clark described some of the major characteristics of a feminized man.
  • Compared to men who have not been feminized, a feminized man will place an unbalanced emphasis on how he feels (and how other people feel), in turn becoming highly visceral in his personal thinking and reactions.
  • He will be much more gentle and handle situations in a “soft” way.
  • He will be much more subject to the approval of the group, and thus significantly affected by how others feel and react towards him.
  • Sometimes he will relate by preference to women or other feminized men, and will have a more difficult time with an all-male group.
  • He will tend to fear women’s emotions; in his family and at work he will be more easily controlled by a woman’s emotional reaction.
  • He will tend to idealize women, and if he is religious, he will see women as ideal Christians and identify Christian virtue with feminine characteristics
Now, femininity is a wonderful a woman. But in a man, it is highly destructive, of both the man and those around him. In a woman, femininity enhances life, just as masculinity enhances life in a man. A masculine man and a feminine woman complement each other and can create a powerful team of different but equal individuals.

However, femininity in a man is distorted and transforms into psychological weakness, as indicated in Dr. Clark's list. This type of man tends to subject both himself and others to emotional blackmail. He is unable to solve problems, because he prioritizes feelings and political correctness over truth and reason--in other words, reality. He is dependent, and has a desire to make others dependent as well. In personal relationships, this type of man can never be a true partner. When he marries, his wife tends to be the man of the family, and as a father, he is weak and permissive. This type of man really isn't even a man, regardless of his biology

When this type of man attains government office, the damage that he does extends to the entire community, and in cases such as the current administration and members of Congress (both R and D), to the entire nation.

Today, misandry permeates the United States, from elementary school to the university to the halls of government to sitcoms to simply walking down the street. Many of today's men have had the misfortune to grow up in homes ruled by mothers who had a deep antagonism toward men, and tried to raise there little boys as little girls, in a sense. Those boys have therefore struggled to grow into manhood themselves.

I should point out here that I know and have known many wonderful women, those who do their best to raise their little boys into real men, just as they do their best to raise their little girls into real women. Women who embrace the inherent strengths that her femininity brings to her, just as she is grateful for the inherent strengths that a man's masculinity brings to him. Women who understand the complementary relationship of femininity and masculinity, and how masculinity allows men to do what they need to do. I am sure that those women look with contempt on feminized men. In fact, many of them have expressed this to me. It is clear that no psychologically healthy woman would want to associate with, let alone marry, a weak and needy girlie-man.

I realize that this view will seem deeply old-fashioned to many, particularly to feminized men and the over-bearing women that control them. But those who lament the weakening--the neutering, if you will--of our nation over the past century, and in particular the past four decades, will see the truth in what I say. We have lost much of the strong and honorable legacy of the Founding Fathers, and of our pioneer ancestors. Restoring those things is a mountainous task. If we want to reestablish liberty and truth in our nation, men have to stand up and start being men again, both in our personal lives and in the political arena. If we don't act like men, there really is no reason for us to be around.


  1. Bastiatarian - Excellent in it's pure and naked truth.

    Thanks for posting this spot on work. I look forward to your return after your research and academic obligations.

  2. Interesting, how the 'feminization' of men parallels the feminist movement. And not only that, American Christianity has been 'neutered' as well. The 'Christian Left' has removed the concept of God's righteous anger, judgement, wrath, justice in favor of a perception of God as a soft pushover, never 'judgmental' & supremely concerned w/ 'social justice.' It's no wonder the Mainstream churches are sinking...masculine men cannot connect w/ a perception of God as a woman...

    God, after all, is neither male/female. God is simply God. And if the church relinquishes His sovereignty, what evil will walk the earth??

    Heaven help us!

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  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I quote myself:

    "I realize that this view will seem deeply old-fashioned to many, particularly to feminized men and the over-bearing women that control them."

    Thank you for identifying yourself so clearly.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  5. God is not an abusive father. Too many of you have confused abuse with righteous anger -- and anger with masculinity. The true strong man has the capacity to be gentle and love. The pretense that any male who doesn't "do" violence and anger is "feminized" is a cheap misunderstanding. It's HARD to be a real Quaker. It's HARD to do the Jesus thing and give a drink to your thirsty enemy. Much harder than being a Tea Party "man."

  6. Anon~ Real knee-slapper there! And touche, Bast...John - you had me until you said the 'pretense' thing. Your assumption that Tea Party men are the equivalent to Anon's charicature is the finest in leftist snobbery.

    Jesus was absolutely a REAL man. And he didn't take any @#$% from people when it really counted. That's the kind of man I looked for, & it's the kind of man I sleep beside each night. He is a Jesus-lover, a true & humble servant of those less fortunate, a conservative & a Tea Party MAN! So much for your sneering stereotypes; Quaker or no.

    Docker's had it right in an ad campaign a few months back. Wildly successful company, Docker's.

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  9. Ya' know, I read this whole post and still have no idea how you deine what is a real "man."


  10. Anon~ You clever thing, you! And so brave as to skitter behind a mask, so's we won't know who you are...(there's your definition of 'real man,' JMJ)

    1st: Jesus died & was resurrected (glory hallelujah!), but not to make anyone an authority, least of all me.

    2nd: My statement re:'feminization' of American mainline Christianity is based on intensive study & careful observation over a lifetime of being in said mainline church.

    3rd 'Authority on Christianity?' nah. Diligent student? yes. Gifted by God to various degrees? yes; we all are. Speaking in tongues one of those gifts? nah. not my style.

    Bastiat, delete if you need to, to preserve the integrity of your thread. Didn't want the 'real man' Anon to get away w/ his/her taunting. If s/he continues, I'll 'man-up' & ignore it! ;)

  11. Speaking of the "feminization" of men, please allow me to present an article I wrote about just such a thing.

    Les, I hope you believe me when I say I am not seeking to evangelize on your blog. I wrote this post a while ago and then I see one of your contributors makes mention of this issue. It is interesting to me that this issue is becoming more relevant as time progresses. Even in The World outside of my faith.

    Two articles for your perusal.


    As always, Les, you have a most excellent blog here! Your voice, and the voices of your cohorts, do matter.

    Donald Borsch Jr.
    Bethel, CT

  12. Don - You know me, and my beliefs. In so long as the content is relevent to the subject matter to which it is addressed it is allowed.

    Should it attempt to inject a particular religious dogma proper notice will be given.

    Should the attempt be an obvious one to gain adherents to any particular religios dogma... well,that is a horse of a different color.

    Being a political blog I like to keep it on politics, philosopy, ethics, etc.

  13. Les,

    That's why I visit your blog. You have been a straight-shooter with me, and I respect that about you.

    Hey, on a side note, do you think the GOP is finally realizing there are a huge number of Conservatives out here who don't have an "R" after their names?

    Just a thought.

    Donald in Bethel, CT

  14. Thanks Don...

    We can only hope that the GOP is getting the message.

    Although we will have to wait and see. I was not impressed with the "repackages contract with america" thing they just put out.

    Keep your eye on the Daily Caller. I will submitting my second article for their consideration. Hopefully it will get published as I believe it has some beefy Conservative ideas.

    If not it will most certainly bet put up on this site next week.

    Best regards,


  15. Daily Caller it is. I have few moments in my day when I can peruse political sites, but on your recommendation, and also because it will be cool to see an article written by someone I have actually spoken with, I will keep my eyes peeled for Daily Caller and your thoughts.

    Is the GOP "getting the message"? Like you said, we can only hope. They are playing a dangerous game. On the one hand they "embrace" the TEA Party, but the GOP leadership is not happy about this. On the one hand they are all about "conservatism", but the GOP leadership is still too "establishment minded" to fully invest their party in such an old-fashioned and dated ideal. IMO, that is.

    The normal Republican on the street, according to a recent poll I saw somewhere, has 71% of them agreeing with the TEA Party. I'm sure Karl Rove is less than thrilled.

    Anyhoos, always a pleasure. You're one of the few, (dare I say), rational sites out here that makes any sense at all. Now if only the GOP would make it a point to read your blog, and get their heads out of their posteriors, and stop clinging to their establishment blankie and become conservatives again.

    Or not. November will be interesting to say the least. 5 weeks away. Can you feel it? It's like an impending tornado.

    Donald in Bethel

  16. I am a woman, I have always had trouble getting along with men in a physical realtionship. That is because I have always been told by men that I think like a man.....but anyway I do agree men have, or are, being feminized. Take for example the game of Football. I have watched this sport since the 70's and it is becomming "feminized." Then the second Presidential debate...............and the FEMS oh they are too confrontational, oh my, etc. Or Hillary Clinton covering her mouth when they watched Osama bin Laden go down. Hey FEMS if you can't take it like a MAN then don't try to be a MAN. You can still be stong and smart and successful but why don't we start letting our MEN be MEN.

    Kathy Kovach


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