Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Clinton Take

By: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Bill Clinton "gets" what the Tea Party revolt is all about. Or does he? Here is what he said.

Clinton said on NBC's Meet the Press that a lot of the voters who chose Tea Party candidates have "good impulses" because "ordinary people" have not "done well." But he said it is not clear where the Tea Party candidates stand on "specifics."

Lets give the "big intrusive government" guy a quick lesson. The Tea Party stands for a less intrusive and oppressive federal (read central) government.

Or to put it in historical terms the Tea Party is the modern day offshoot of Thomas Jefferson's Democratic Republican Party.

Given the reality "modern education" has failed to teach the principles that are the cornerstones of our Republic this confusion by ex President Clinton is not surprising.

But then again when values depend on "it depends on what the meaning of the word is is" we can get a glimpse into the mind of the ultimate statist.

Or then again perhaps it is I who have missed something.

You the reader be the judge.

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  1. Oh lets see, with Reagan and Bush I on one side, and Bush II on the should be obvious...

    He balanced the budget, cut government spending, and government got smaller....

    He should be your ideal to explain that to those of us who are curious?

  2. Did Clinton not have a Republican Congress?

    You know, that branch of hgovernment that controls the "purse strings."



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