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Was Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally Too Political?...

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

The progressives are already turning Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally into a political issue. And it was in reality exactly that. The very fact the rally was a call to restore honor to our government made it political. What amazes me is that Beck was not forthright in discussing this obvious fact.

I applaud the efforts of Beck in calling for restoration of honor in our political and governmental activities. It is about time. And it took a conservative to do so. Unfortunately because Beck is an outspoken conservative, and lays open the progressive nerve, he will be vilified as a racist, a right wing demagogue, or worse. Such is the progressive way.

A short video taken off the Think Progress site is linked here and has select pictures in support of the sites obvious bias. Needless to say the sentiments expressed in the video are felt by millions of Americans.


I don't know about you but I little wrong with this. And by the way... did you catch the anti GWB remark?


Just a conservative girl attended the "Restoring Honor" rally Saturday. She found the rally to be more  apolitical than political. Her comment at LCR on my cross post over there:

"Maybe the overall theme was political, but the rally in and of itself was not. The only one who put her toe right on the line was Palin. She did say a few things that crossed over. 

One can make what they will of her statements, but the day wasn't political. I was there and while many were discussing politicals, most of us were talking about morality. We also spent a great deal of time talking about the insult that we felt when Obama said this isn't a Christian nation. 

Also, the audience had MANY vets. 

You can read my post on it if you like, but I don't think it was a politcal message. It is a message of unity and the realization that we can leave a country for our children that we will be proud of."

Some  select excerpts from her site:

The people were lined up as far as the eye could see.  The Lincoln Memorial, for those who don't know, is away from Constitution Avenue by a few blocks, we were lined up from the reflecting pool all the way out to Constitution.  Just a little directional stuff here, the National Mall runs from the Lincoln Memorial all the way down to the Capitol Building.  Starting at the Virginia line, the Lincoln Memorial is first, then comes the reflecting pool, which then opens up to the WWII Memorial.  There is a street in between the WWII and the Washington Monument.  I heard that the crowd from the Beck rally made all the way across that street.  That is also where Al Sharpton's rally "Recapture the Dream" is what I believe it was called.  My friends who took a taxi in went by there, and told me that it was a very small crowd.  But, I didn't see it for myself so I don't know.  

I met some amazing people, as I always do at these events.  The people behind me were from New York City of all places.  The young couple next to me was from Washington State, with I what I believe to be the youngest attendee, their one month old daughter, Mia.  A really cutie who was so well behaved.  The couple sitting next to me drove seven days from San Francisco.  The family in front of me was from Missouri.  I also met people from Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Iowa, Indiana, and saw a bus that had a sign from Alaska.  Obviously, Beck drew people from all over the country.  

I did do something a little naughty today.  I had to use the restroom and the porta potties were not really usable in very quick order.  I decided to walk up to the memorial itself to use that bathroom.  The media was interviewing some of the black people who were there and asking the same old boring questions about racism and The Tea Party.  I couldn't help myself; I went up and put my arm around the guy (whom I have never met) and gave him a peck on the cheek and told the reporter that I love this man's courage for standing by his convictions.  I looked at the reporter and said let the racism go, it is long since gotten old.  

For more, including pictures and video visit Just a conservative girl. You'll be glad you did.

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  1. Too political ?? Interesting question.
    The founding fathers (I'm channeling GlennBeck here) advocated minimizing political power in order to allow individuals exercise leading to growth.
    Perhaps because so much power is concentrated on politics, engaging in politics is the only method by which an individual can feel powerful.

  2. Perhaps.

    Our founders understood that government can be tyrannical, as history has shown to be true.

    Therefore they insured that the minority would be protected from the tyranny of the majority.

    Beck has it just about right.

  3. I was actually surprised that it was so thoroughly apolitical. Of course, the fact that honor, integrity, liberty, etc., were emphasized makes it political in the sense that they are characteristics that have dwindled in the Republican Party and have been completely absent from the Democrat Party for many decades, and one of the aims of the event was to reinstate those as our core values.


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