Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time for Statesmen

By: Bastiatarian

In 1851, many years after the Founding Fathers had left the nation to subsequent generations, Brigham Young said "I love the government and the Constitution of the United States, but I do not love the damned rascals who administer the government." As the leader of a group of people who had suffered greatly due to both governmental inaction in the preservation of the rights of the citizenry and illegitimate and murderous governmental decree, Brigham had great reason to feel less than favorably toward those in political power at the time.

Almost 160 years later, we have great reason to feel less than favorably toward the "damned rascals" that have made their way into power in our day.

The system established by the Founding Fathers is good, and is based on sound principles that are intended to maximize our liberty. The dangerous aspect of liberty, of course, is that although it thrives when individuals use it wisely, it turns to dependence and tyranny when individuals use it foolishly. Again, our system is good, but it requires good and wise people to populate and operate it. The problems that we have had during our more than two hundred years as a national state have not been because the Founding Fathers were wrong, but because we have not heeded their words, and have not kept corrupt and incompetent men and women out of governmental office.

The federal government is now populated with the most damnable rascals that have ever risen to such offices in our nation, so there is more need than ever to eradicate them. Not merely to vote them out of office, but to ensure that they, and those like them, never have any type of position in government ever again.

The Constitution of the United States is a glorious standard, and it is up to us to ensure that we elect only those men and women who are worthy of it. It is up to us to ensure that we are worthy of it as well.

We've had enough politicians. It's time to elect statesmen.


  1. I have no argument with what you say here Bastiatarian. To do this would require the elimination of political parties and the influence of big money. I wouldn't argue with that either.

  2. The challenge of course is to find a true principled statesmen and convince them to run.

    Certainly the field today seems more sparse than ever.

    I am not an educator, but I am educated. My educated guess is the principals and values necessary to sustain a free and prosperous (capitalist) society of individuals is no longer taught in academia to any significant extent.

    Haven't been for quite some time. Perhaps my generation is the last to have reserved an education that was geared towards teaching individuals to think. Somewhere along the line education shifted to indoctrination with a strong progressive collectivist anti capitalist message.

  3. It wasn't until I got into sales years ago that I had any idea about goal setting, leadership and team building.

    I've wondered since then why these things weren't taught in schools. When I got into what I do know the things I learned about how to study and apply yourself helped tremendously while testing for licensing and operating water treatment labs and plants. In high school there is no way I would have done as well as I did. I had no clue how to study and apply myself.

    Our education system is another step on an aimless journey for too many of our kids. We can blame the parents but they also went through the aimless journey.

    I've pounded my kids on the importance of goals and doing what's necessary to achieve them. It's tough for them to stay focused when all their friends still have no clue what they're going or want to do and no idea how to get there if and when they do decide. Waiting for something good to happen isn't a plan.

  4. I have seen a few staesmen run in my time, but hardly anyone votes for them. The population is already too corrupt themselves to right the corruption in government.

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