Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sixty Two Percent Believe America is on the Decline and Turning Towards Socialism

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

The USS Constitution, or as the wartime sailing vessel best known as Old Ironsides if fondly called, signifies both the promise and glory that was America.

 Yup, this old, and very patriotic America is proud of what was once considered American exceptional-ism and to hell with what the current empty suit now occupying the White House might have to say about that.

A new FOX News poll shows sixty two percent of Americans believe the country is on the decline. Now imagine that. I am sure the progressive collectivists (perhaps some are communists) would disagree with these numbers, But really... who cares? The progressive movement has been responsible for much of the decline going back one hundred and ten years or thereabouts.

I know the progressives will ask, but how can you make such a statement. It's easy really. The decline started with the progressive turned socialist movement in the early 20th century. The movement that has culminated in the once fiercely independent American becoming the American only to happy and quick to accept the entitlements that Leviathan so readily gives them. Of course this is only after taking from them that which is rightly theirs. Only so Big Brother Gov. can dole it out to others that may have been less successful.

Highlights from FOX News, fair and balanced:

A Fox News poll released Friday finds widespread belief among American voters that the country is on the decline as a civilization. In addition, a majority thinks the country is moving toward socialism. 

A 62 percent majority of voters thinks the United States

is on the decline. That's more than twice as many as the 26 percent who believe it is on the rise.

Along with a strong sense of national decline, the poll also finds 73 percent of voters think the government in Washington has too much power, up from 64 percent who thought so in 1997.

That feeling crosses party lines. To varying degrees, majorities of Republicans (89 percent), independents (78 percent) and Democrats (53 percent) agree the government is too powerful.

Less than one in five voters (18 percent) thinks it would be a good thing for the country to move away from capitalism and toward socialism. Among those most likely to favor this option are those with household incomes under $30,000 (28 percent), as well as those under age thirty (31 percent), and Democrats (32 percent).

Yes it certainly appears that most Americans are on to the scam the progressive collectivists have been working for years. Perhaps, and we can only hope, that Americans put aside the belief that their representatives and senators aren't part of the problem, that it's the other district or state that is the problem. 

The reality is it is everybody's problem and it is time to turn the old tied guard out. Whether they be Democrat or Republican. It's message time folks and we need to send it loud and clear. That goes for 2012 as well!

For those who have the time you may want to read an essay written over a year ago which makes some of the same points. Here is the rest of the FOX Poll.

Question... Isn't it about time we as a nation put the thought of American exceptional-ism back into our beliefs and vernacular? It is after all what Old Ironsides would expect of us.


  1. So 47% of Democrats DON'T think the federal government is too powerful! Is there any doubt about where their heads are?

  2. >Isn't it about time we as a nation put the thought of American exceptional-ism back into our beliefs and vernacular?

    I'll start it off with this.

    Dear Rest of the World,

    We aren't arrogant. We really are better than you.


    The United States of America


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