Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prop. 8... A Distraction Conservatives Can Ill Afford

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

The big item in the news, and it's all over internet as well,  is  Prop. 8,  the initiative overwhelmingly supported by California voters banning same sex marriages. Personally I refuse to call these unions marriages on a technicality.Marriage has always been defined as the union of a female and a male. Ostensibly for the purpose of perpetuating the species known as homo sapiens.

Judge Walker, a member of the federal bench determined California voters (all seven million of them) were wrong in their judgement. The judge has declared Prop. 8 unconstitutional and struck it down. That's all I need to know because the energy spent on this issue is a mere distraction from the real pertinent issues that truly threaten our nation. Issues such as the national debt, unfunded liabilities, an ever growing government that curtails our liberties and suffocates our individualism, and illegal immigration.

I say lets keep it simple. Maintain the definition of marriage as it has been understood throughout mankind's existence. Create a definition of  committed gay or lesbian relationships along the lines of, "a union between two consenting adults of the same sex  for the purpose of creating a lifelong and mutually beneficial companionship." Or something along those lines.

Coming from the first state to legalize gay and lesbian unions I can safely say the sky over Massachusetts has not fallen in. Nor has there been any discernible change in the behaviors of it's citizens. Basically life has continued as it was before the courts decision. In short, it is, and should be a non issue. It serves only as a distraction from the really important issues the nation faces.

Now to more pressing matters.

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  1. "Maintain the definition of marriage as it has been understood throughout mankind's existence."

    This is simply put flat out wrong. Take a cultural or physical anthropology course and you will see that "Marriage" has been had several variations including between one man and multiple women or one woman and multiple men.

    America doesn't even fit your definition. We have serial monogamy in which overwhelmingly once a man gets enough wealth trades in his spouse for a younger one.

    It's just plain religious ignorance or out right bigotry that causes you to hold to this false definition.

    But, and this is the key, Republicans use this 'issue' to rile up bigots to vote for them because Republicans care about elections over ethics and power over principle.

  2. gene - I will burst your bubble. Religion plays no part for me as I am an atheist of many years.

    two I am no bigot, to each his own as long as it is not forced upon me, a very unlikely possibility.

    I am aware of the multiple possibilities you refer too. So your answer is to have an open house and any and all things go. That is fine in the privacy of your home. No problem.

    It doesn't work for everybody.

    Further define specifically what offends you about my alternative definition for gay and lesbian unions.The y would and should have equal legal rights,

    Problem with you progressives is there is only one why... your way and to hell with workable, reasonable, and national compromise.Perhaps one day you and you ilk will com to realize winner take all don't work.

    I am done explaining my reasonable and fair solution to you and your cohorts in the progressive collective movement.

    No go read an Alinsky how to book.


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