Sunday, August 8, 2010

Progressive (Collectivists)... The Exposure

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

I am basically a mild mannered and respectful conservative Libertarian. Having spent almost my entire working life coaching, and yes depending on the integrity and abilities of others to accomplish the goal, whatever it may have been, I realize the greatest successes come from dedicated INDIVIDUALS  in pursuit of a common goal.

Leadership is nothing more than recognizing, and tapping into, the potential of the individual in pursuit of a goal. The best leaders are always the most humble. The ones with a vision of a better tomorrow. The ones you would follow to hell and back because they are willing to risk their creature comforts to lead. They are the FIRST to give and the last to receive.

You all know the type. The ones who lead by example, yet willingly give credit to those who put themselves on the firing line day in and day out. The people who have always been, and always will be the backbone, guts, and stamina of this great republic. They are the true patriots of this generation and all past generations. They are the rational ones.

Being a independent conservative Libertarian (that will keep the progressives busy for a bit) I occasionally visit progressive (collectivist) blogs. My purpose for doing so is twofold. First, as unlikely as it may seem, the site may actually  have something of value that can be used. Second, progressives (collectivists) in general feel they have the best vision and the right path. Of course they naturally believe the best leadership is to be found amongst their ranks. So in self defense it makes sense to know your adversary. In the philosophical and intellectual sense of course.

And so I visit. Fairness and honesty require I report there are some that actually are rational, respectful, and balanced. Unfortunately however they seem to be the minority rather than the majority of progressive (collectivist) sights. Indeed I find the progressive sights to be the ones using the most vulgar and foul language. And they are without a doubt the most stringent and unyielding demagogues.

I am the first to say don't take my word for this. It is possible, however unlikely,  that I have missed something. Perhaps I am just misinterpreting what I have read. So in the interest of fairness I shall give examples of the typical progressive site. At least from amongst those I have visited. I leave it to my readership to be the judge. I will caution this this is not a scientific sampling.

The identity of the sites have been left unpublished so as to not embarrass the owners. Something I have noticed is that most progressive (collectivists) prefer to keep their identity well hidden behind heir monikers. Unlike sites  like Rational Nation USA, Left Coast Rebel, Atlas Shrugs, and many other conservative blogs.

Progressive Site #1:

"It is the righties who demand conformity and obedience. They are in essence, the corporate naziparty. Rove is their Joe Goebbels. There are many little Goebbelsrunning around the web and media. But they almost to a tee hit the same message day after day. Use the same catch phrases. Try to paint the same images and use the same misleading attacks. And it works."

"Republicans have perfected the use of idiocy as a weapon. The genius of this is there is no way to fight it because it's designed to work on idiots and closed minded fools. How do you convince a man with no health insurance who is still against national health insurance to change his mind? You can't. The man is an idiot."

"The idiotic, yet obedient sheep of the right act in almost total lockstep with their leaders. I don't visit many righty blogs, but looking at the titles of their posts on sidebars it's amazing how every day they all broach the same subjects and use the same words and pictures. It's almost as if some strange force is telling them all what to think and say. And just like the nazi army, the army of deluded right wing fools obeys."

This person is reasonable? Respectful?...  It gets better.

Progressive Site #2:

"These are people with unstable minds. People that fly off the handle when you disagree with them. People who go postal. People who literally destroy those who think differently. Racists who lynch blacks. Bigots that kill gays. Violent people who will not allow different thinking."

"My being banned from RN's blog, is under consideration currently. I will let you know. I hope he does not. I like making them look hypocritical. I'm being banned for calling them liars, but of course, it's fine for RN to call me stupid and lots of other insults, which I ignore. I guess he cannot ignore a slight of the same kind. Do as I say, not as I do. Typical for conservative demands and superior attitude."

Editors note: I freely acknowledge having censored one comment post this blog owner left on my site. I did so because the comment was so blatantly vulgar and disrespectful, as well as being dishonest I felt it had no place in a public venue. For examples of this  unhinged individuals comments visit prior posts on the "Ground Zero Mosque.", and and "Law Enforcement vs. Health Care."

This is but a small sampling of what one is exposed to when visiting the most radically progressive (collectivist) blog sites. I realize that there are conservative sites that tend to go overboard with their rhetoric. I admit to on a few  occasions having done the same. However the progressives tendency to unhinged emotionalism and vulgarity far exceeds that which I see on conservative blogs. Of course it may that this person will delete his own comments for obvious reasons.

Getting to the real purpose for this post. The progressives (collectivists) are, for the most part, by far more intolerant and less open to opposing views than any conservative or Libertarian I know.  They typically are more emotional, and therefor less rational in their thought process. Being great believers in the "collective" approach to most everything it is only natural they hide behind the curtain that the crowd (collective) provides. 

It is also true the effect of the  pressures and coercion to conform are felt by far sooner on the progressive collectivists than on the individualist and so they break. The true principled individual will not be bent nor molded by the pressures of the collective. unlike the two examples shown here.  Which leads me back to the points I made on leadership.

I ask the question. Which is most likely the better candidate for leadership. The progressive (collectivist), who generally base their decision on emotion and what's best for the collect good, or the individual with the ability to think independently, formulate a clear and rational vision for our nation, and one who keeps the importance and value of the individual foremost in their thinking.

The choice is clear in my mind. I made the choice ears ago. There is only one pair of shoes that fit me perfectly. Mine.

Oh. I forgot to add that the top picture is usually what happens to the individualist (individual) when the progressive collectivists take total control. Which has historically been their goal and mission. Whether they be fascist, or communist. Both are the extreme forms of socialism when viewed on a continuum, IE; a circle.

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  1. It's a fact that the most intolerant people are the ones who scream for tolerance the loudest, just look at the muslims.

  2. I get so sick of you ignorant dip-sh people making these very uneducated comments against President Obama and his family. If you would take time to read, study, and prepare your minds with education as he did, maybe you would have something positive to contribute to society. President Obama and First Lady Michelle came from working class families that decided that education was the way to get ahead in life. They studied, went to college and law school and prepared themselves for the destiny that God had for them. If you would do the same and apply yourselves maybe you would have something intelligent to say. This man got into an office that had 8 years to be jacked up and you common people won't even take time to pray a prayer that God will lead him to make the best decision at the time. He deserves a vacation with his family just as the previous presidents. If your man Bush hadn't left this country in a mess, then we wouldn't be in this mess. So stick the blame on the man where it should be, Bush. It;s not time to point fingers and lay blame. It's time for this country who has forgotten about God, to put God back int front of us, live according to how the Bible instructs us, then and only then will we see any changes in this country and world. Believe it or not it has nothing to do with President Obama. God is the one in charge and He has the final say so. So think about that when you make more ignorant comments. You should think about if it was you how you would want people to treat you and your family. God Bless President Obama and his wonderful family because He is the only one who can bring this country back to it's one time greatness.
    And Happy birthday- President Obama I'm sorry his wonderful family isn't there to celebrate with him, but I hope he has a great birthday!

  3. Ah, excuse me, Sheilah, but exactly what post were you responding to? What you said seems to have no bearing on the post above. Do you find the names Bush or Obama in it anywhere? I rescanned it quickly, so maybe I overlooked them. Perhaps, though, you are the dipsh_t instead of whoever you're trying to point at. Then there's that oft-quoted advice that liberals like to spew concerning trash on TV, "If you don't like it, change the channel!" (In case you can't make the connection, I'm telling you that maybe you should read some OTHER blog if you don't like what you read here.)

  4. Sheilah - As I am the author of this post I cam most assuredly state that now where did I single out any particular administration. Nor did I in the prior two posts I referenced.

    Not that you asked but I will tell you anyway. GWB was a large part of the same problem as BHO. But since you... ARE THE EDUCATED AND WELL READ ONE what do I or any conservative educated Libertarian know? Right?

    Not that it is may place, but I might suggest you continue to make the rounds only in your circle of progressive collectivist worshipers. That way you might avoid becoming unhinged and totally irrational like some others I have ran across.

    But thanks fr sharing nonetheless.


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