Monday, August 2, 2010

The Progressive Collectivist Left On American's Stupidity... In Their Eyes

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

The progressive on the left have outdone themselves. Their relentless pursuit in characterizing conservatives as nothing more than semi literate (my words) Tea Bagging racists that don't have a clue is both incorrect and repulsive. You boys and girls of the self professed intelligentsia want a fight? Bring it on!

In a piece today published by Washington Monthly, another water carrier for the collectivist Obama administration, author Steve Benen (selective excepts) had the following to say:

One of the uglier strains of modern conservative thought is pervasive anti-intellectualism. As Faiz Shakir noted today, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) offered a rather classic example of "Fox News Sunday."

Host Chris Wallace noted that "a number of top economists" believe that the nation, right now, needs "more economic stimulus." Boehner replied, "Well, I don't need to see GDP numbers or to listen to economists; all I need to do is listen to the American people."

That's actually kind of crazy -- the "American people," en masse, lack the qualifications and background needed to make sweeping decisions about complex economic policies. It's why our system is built around the notion that voters will choose sensible representatives to do this work for us -- evaluate a situation, consider the judgment of experts, and ideally reach a wise decision about the way forward.

Okay then. Lets think about this a moment shall we?

Representative Boehner is essentially saying he places his faith in the American people. The very people that daily make decisions that affect their lives and welfare. The very people that work, maintain their livelihood,  pay their over burdensome taxes, raise their families, and, now get a load of this... Balance their budgets. 

Mr. Benen, your typical progressive collectivist on the other hand, believes the very Americans he thinks lack the thoughtfulness, and indeed intelligence to make decisions concerning their welfare will apparently be possessed of such intelligence when it comes to electing people to represent their interests in Congress.

Huge fail. If our countrymen lack the intelligence to make decisions affecting their own  lives how then will they have the intellect to elect individuals with the capacity to make weighty decisions affecting the lives of tens of  thousands of their fellow countrymen?

Further, the current and recent past Congresses have failed us miserably. They have chosen to essentially to act in their own interests and not on behalf of the people who elected them. Perhaps this is why Congress has only an 11% approval rating.

Perhaps the American people in general really aren't too smart, or else they have a reality disconnect. Generally the American people complain how lousy Congress is but they continue electing the same incompetents to office from their district. They are smart enough to know there is a problem. yET THWEY fail to look to their own backyard. Given this why should we expect change. Go figure.

Isn't it time to prove the progressive collectivists wrong and vote all the bums out in 2010 and 2012?

Perhaps the Tea Party will change all of that. We can only hope so.

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  1. link exchange ?

  2. This cracked me up RN. By Boehner's reasoning then, the Bush election in 200 was a sham because the "will of the people" was not submitted to.

    Most people want us out of Iraq.

    You are just as guilty as the average, nonthinking sheep who make up the base of the republicxan party RN.

    I want people to vote for that are smarter than the average guy. Simple minded phrases don't inspire me to think of those that repeat them are anything but mindless sheep or corporate whores that are members of Congress.

    Your precious tea party is nothing but an arm of the republican party to stir up malcontents. You're allowing yourself to be roped into it's line of nonsense. While that might help get a bunch of hits to your site, which by the way, is a nice site. Wes did a good job. The reality is the tea party is just another tool in the fight to obstruct any progress in the republicans true aim to continue our government's obedience to big business.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The democrats don't like the fact that they can't manipulate the majority of Americans the way they can manipulate uneducated minorities and illegals. hey need uneducated people to manipulate.
    They are so quick to attack American citizens and embrace criminals even in their own party.
    Drink Tea not Koolaid.
    The left prefers obedience to the government who can dictate more to us than business can

  5. You prefer to have business dictate to us Lisa?

    Very honest comment from a right winger. I appreciate your candor.

  6. Truth - Glad it cracked you up. I certainly didn't expect you to understand nor recognize the mirror.

  7. lisa - Truth occasionally makes valid points. It's that most of the time he marches in lockstep with the Obamaites.

    Go figure!

  8. You prefer to have business dictate to us Lisa?

    Better than to have government "dictate" to us.
    Bak to my other point,you are calling tea party people non-thinking(not that it means anything to me) and calling illegals and minorities the "thinkers" ?
    If they were thinkers don't you think they wouldn't need you to do their thinking for them?

  9. Nice try at backtracking Lisa. The damage to your side has already been done by your admitting corporations are your masters though.

    Better start typing in bold print that I'm a socialist or collectivist before you get in any more trouble.

  10. you are a socialist/collectivist. There's no secret there that you advocate that.Plus you and your progressive friends are also good at stirring the shit pot.
    But we got your number Truth. You and this admin have become so transparent it's like you are not even there anymore.

  11. You forgot "pinko commie" Lisa. You're letting your side down with your absent minded honesty Sister.

  12. we can oliminate the "Pinko" part. :)

  13. >the base of the republicxan party
    >an arm of the republican party
    >the republicans true aim

    Okay, Toots, we get it. You're obsessed with the Republican Party. That's super neato. Everybody needs a hobby.

    >admitting corporations are your masters

    Toots, I thought that when I hadn't seen your illiterate drivel here for a while, that maybe you were out taking a course in basic reading skills. If you had better reading comprehension skills, you would have seen that what Lisa wrote was "the government who can dictate more to us than business can." With a standard reading, that in no way implies that she thinks that "corporations are [our] masters."

    What it does imply is that it is a sorry state of affairs when the unproductive, leeching sector (government) dictates more of what happens in society than the productive, creating sector (business) does.

    >I want people to vote for that are smarter than the average guy.

    Ah, we can rejoice then, since that means that you won't ever be running for office. Ever.

  14. I'm sure Lisa appreciates your help Bassman. And I appreciate your lame attempt at humor. And I appreciate your honesty about voting for corporate whores of limited intelligence like George W. Bush.

    You can obsfucate all you want Bassman but I'm on to your game. Your limited scope makes you happy to keep the corporate status quo as long as some of your right wing pals give you cyber pats on the back for calling Truth 101 names.

    Knock yourself out dude.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. At least corporations produce capital otherwise where would the government get their funding?
    So thank you Bastiatarian for putting it in layman's terms for Non-Truth.

  17. Truth - I haven't even yet officially published my editorial on Truth 101... The Big Lie. I think lisa has just preempted me.

  18. >I'm sure Lisa appreciates your help Bassman.

    She did say "thank you" below, so I suppose you're right.

    You still haven't answered my question about whether you mean the fish or the musical instrument, by the way.

    >And I appreciate your lame attempt at humor.

    Oh, you're welcome. It's really no trouble at all. I'm not sure where that attempt was made, but apparently you found it somewhere.

    >And I appreciate your honesty about voting for corporate whores of limited intelligence like George W. Bush.

    Hmmm...Your illiteracy is showing again. Where did I say anything at all about voting? Or anything at all about George W. Bush, Mr. Liberal Lite? You, of course, have significant experience as an individual of limited intelligence, so I suppose I'll defer to your expertise in that area.

    >You can obsfucate all you want Bassman but I'm on to your game.

    I think you mean "obfuscate," so that's how I'll interpret your comment. I've tried to use simple, straightforward language, but apparently it's still too complex for you, so you see it as obfuscation. I don't think anyone else has had a problem understanding my intended meaning, since I state it explicitly, so I'm not sure how I can help you in that area.

    >Your limited scope

    I think you need to elaborate a bit on what "scope" you are talking about, and how it is "limited."

    >makes you happy to keep the corporate status quo

    Can't you put a little more effort into this? Copying and pasting the usual pseudo-revolutionary blather from some class-warfare propaganda rag is not only fundamentally irrelevant to most of what I posted, but is also very lazy.

    >as long as some of your right wing pals give you cyber pats on the back for calling Truth 101 names.

    What? When did I ever call you names, Toots?


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