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Paul Ryan Responds to Paul Krugman's Welfare-Statist Rhetorical Flimflam

Krugman lets the cat out of the bag - censoring debate, attacking Paul Ryan,
religious-fundamentalist faith in the sate and disdain for American 'peasants'

by the Left Coast Rebel

You will recall Friday's Krugman column wherein Paul Krugman took the rhetorical low road of ad hominem against representative Paul Ryan's "Road Map for America" economic plan and Ryan personally. Many may have been surprised (as I) by the even (by propagandist Keynsian Obama/Krugman economics standard) shrill, guttural tone.

Perhaps the dying, finals gasps of air from a failed ideology are simple attack - heck, even useful idiot Ezra Klein sees this. Call it an official arrival when the chief water-carrying propagandist for the progressive-socialist welfare statist cause sees you as a threat.

Paul Ryan responded today to Krugman and offered another teachable moment for fiscal conservatives engaged in debate with the progressive-collectivist left:

Unfortunately, rather than make meaningful contributions to this conversation and bring solutions to the table, Democrats have attempted to win this debate by default. Relying on demagoguery and distortion, the left would prefer that entitlements - often labeled the "third rail" of American politics - remain untouchable, and the column by Paul Krugman of The New York Times is indicative of the partisan attacks leveled against the plan I've offered, a "Roadmap for America's Future."

A brilliant, simple and concise summary:

By dismissing credible proposals as "flimflam," critics such as Krugman contribute nothing to the debate. Standing on the sidelines shouting "boo" amounts to condemning our people to a future of managed decline. Absent serious reform, spending on entitlement programs and interest on government debt will consume more and more of the federal budget, resulting in falling standards of living and higher taxes as we try to sustain an ever larger social welfare state.

What critics such as Krugman fail to understand is that our looming debt crisis is driven by the explosive growth of government spending - not from a lack of tax revenue.

When I ponder Krugman's 'knee-deep in the stinky-steamy' leftist blunderbuss-NYT loudhorn, the truth comes down to several things. Acceptance in the elitist 'limousine liberal, cocktail crowd' and retaining a high position as a mouthpiece for the far left ruling class. Krugman's intelligence is only outdone by his unrelenting faith in an all-powerful state and disdain for the average American - as is true with the Obama administration.

These commenters 'get it' on Paul Krugman over at HotAir:

Even though he revels in NYCDC Cocktail party worship from the Progressive Ruling Class I’m wondering if big thinking Krugalicious might be a bit jealous that Ryan is getting too much attention?

This one is particularly good:

Krugman’s the equivalent of the Molotov cocktail thrower who runs out of the mob to fling his mixture at police, and then dashes back in to the safety of his compatriots before he can be singled out and punished.

He already has cut back on the length of replies his comments section to prevent anyone from going into any detailed criticism of his allegations, and his body language whenever he actually has to do a live face-to-face on TV against any conservative with slightly more coherence than Basil Marceaux is the source of high comedy (he looks like he’s waiting for ABC security to drag George Will out of the studio when they’re on “This Week” at the same time, and his body language four years ago when he was on Tim Russert’s CNBC show with Bill O’Reilly indicated he was truly in fear for his life from the madman Irish wingnut in the other chair).

It would be fun to see the two Pauls go face to face on TV and debate Ryan’s economic plan, but by guess is Krugman won’t do it unless the deck is completely stacked, with a moderator he trusts is 100 percent in the tank for his position and will bail him out and/or co-attack Ryan through the entire program (which means if Ryan’s ready to go on “This Week” with Krugman and Christiane Amanpour while George Will’s locked in a broom closet, Mr. Nobel Prize winner will take that deal).

Don't forget to go here for a must read article on comment policy concerning Krugman's columns (hint - his failed socialist ideas were all too easily rebutted by his readers and he essentially censored lengthy debate). Call it the progressive-collectivist way!

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  1. Paul Krugman is an Intellectually Dishonest Crapweasel

    He is a a diabolical troll. I wish there were a "Krugman Watch" website dedicated to discrediting his leftist nonsense. Because he has a Nobel, people actually listen to his incoherent babbling and statistical distortions.

    I try to combat his BS when I can, but I'm just not that smart and I don't have the time.

    I did do some research and write a defense of Reagan here. It relies more on the writing of others than my own thought:

    Reagan: A Criticism and a Defense

    Excellent Article!


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