Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obama is a Muslim? I Thought he was an......

by the Left Coast Rebel

.....industrial-kitchen sized 'waffler', (that) attracts more flies than roadkill on a hot summer day in southern Texas, sends rats scurrying, suffers from lower back muscular dystrophy is insecure, is fair game for a boardwalk fair game, is transparently non-transparent, ACORN-associating, adolescent, piggy-bank-breaking, a socialist duck quacking,Manchurian Candidating, a Clunker salesman, stock market contrarion, Marxist officiating, Boy Scout boo eliciting (and "The View" showing), contract law defacating, Obamanation mantra chanting, free-speech gestapo-creating, corruptrocratting, Dear Leader faith-inducing, incompetent, (un) checking and (un) balancing, a liar, hostile to entrepreneurs and capitalism, arrogant, is loathe of criticism, un-stimulating, success measured in Waterlooing an entire nation, considers Manhattan a playground for Air Force One photo-ops, believes in 16,500 IRS jobs 'job creation', a Chicago thug, created creepy media adulation (and cult-producing), Asset nationalizing, Czar-appointing, post-America scheming, dishonest, aloof, considers you and I 'numbers to be crunched', middle-tax-increasing, hostile to American ideals, beer-summitting (and "acting stupidly"), hypocritical community agitating, half brother sex-assailing, a South America-wannabe that gives 'bro-shakes' to South American dictators that imprison dissidents, cigarette smoking, terrible at golfing, a poor speller, determiner of money making, Democrat-voter-hatching, cardigan sweater reduxing, traffic-inducing, dangerous to schoolchildren, dangerously out of touch with the American people, has produced jobs for billboard workers (but not the rest of us), Robin Hood in Scrooge's clothing, a joke on Google, ....

Link fest (as the nation bleeds), anyone?

And they say George W. Bush was a bad president? The links above are just a smidgen of the last year and a half. I didn't even scratch the surface of Obamanations.

Why the hell should it come as a surprise to anyone as well that almost 20% of Americans think Obama is a Muslim?

The Trojan way --- Obama's selling of the mosque, socialism, bankruptcy, to a nation that wants none of it, or him:
Hat-tip Temple of Mut.

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  1. I thought he was a member of a church founded, dedicated to and doctrinally oriented around the generic hatred of white people and the love of a 'black Jesus'. (Black Liberation Theology)

    I find it shocking that he would be a Muslim because Muslims seem to hate all non-Muslims (infidels) irrespective of race.

  2. I have been reading other blogs where the libs have been tearing you apart, that's what brought me here. What is with these people? Can they not see the administrations disgusting programs that we do not want, but is being forced on us? We are the American people. Are just so stupid that they have to repeatedly tell us how good it is? And that "happy days are here again". They just can't understand why we don't like all the goodies they have hoisted on us so it must be because we are dumb. Bobby Knight once got in hot water for saying that rape victims should just lay back and enjoy it. These guys are doing the same. We should just lay back and enjoy what they are doing to us.
    Should we just lay down and give into them?
    My, my, my how times have changed, and how people have become so complacent. .

  3. I just read an article where is said that 40 percent of the people believe Shaw Kenawe is an ass-hole. The other 60 percent think that it's Sue!
    But what the hell, we all have an opinion, don’t we! I've read this article twice now, and I still find that they underestimated the percentage. That's just my only criticism. One worse than the next.

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  5. Adults are tea drinkers because it is sipped slowly and thoughtfully and children drink koolaid because they are thirsty and want instant gratification.


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