Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Democrats Pass the "Me First" Bill as a Payoff to Government Employees Unions

Welcome to the Anti-Capitalist, Centrally-Planned Economy

George Bush and his merry gang of Wall Street looters sent capitalism reeling.  Now the neo-socialist Democrats under Obama are finishing the job.  Can't have pampered government workers taking pay cuts like the rest of America, noooo way!

Not only is the federal government giving states more money to pay off government unions, it's also dictating how it is to be spent:
Upset that Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry put some of his state's stimulus money in reserve, Democrats stipulated that Texas can receive education money only if it spends some of the earlier stimulus funds.
Congress is sending a message to Perry, said Representative Sheila Jackson Lee: "Don't fool with money for children and education."(Reuters)
Hugo Chavez would be proud of comrade Sheila.  Have you wondered what the progressive statist alternative to capitalism would look like?  This is it!
Since the beginning of the recession, the number of unemployed has increased by more than 8 million people. For $800 billion, we could have handed every one of these people a check for $100,000—which gives a sense of what was possible with that much money and just how inefficient the actual program was. (Weekly Standard)
This is what a centrally-planned economy powered by a government "jobs program" looks like.  Lawrence B. Lindsey, in the same Weekly Standard article, shows that the stimulus is a failure as judged by the White House's own standards.  No wonder White House economist Christina Romer is escaping reality and slinking back to Berkley.

The answer, of course, is free-market capitalism
Individuals pursuing their self-interests, or "greed," as the modern day socialists in our midst call it.  Government getting out of the way and freeing up capital to be used by free persons as they see fit.

Watch the great Milton Friedman school Phil Donohue on the virtues of capitalism.  One of the rare times Phil has ever been left speechless...


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  2. Kurt - Great post.

    Sadly our once individualistic nation and it's great leaders are but a distant memory.

    The progressive collectivist neo-socialists been trying to turn this once great capitalist economy upside down... and shake it down for over a hundred years.

    The nations future prosperity now hangs in the balance, OVER THE PRECIPICE.

    Irrespective of what Truth (The Big Lie)101,Tom,Octo, or the Chairman might say.

    Keep pressing on, taking the fight to the progressive collectivists. The fight will be a long and arduous one I am certain.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I guess they are only ok with the greedy people of their choosing like the Unions,Al Gore John Kerry,Charley Rangel,Maxine Waters, Franklin Raines,Chris Dodd,Barney Frank,Michelle Ma Belle,George Soros,Nancy Pelosi and our big spender in chief himself.


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