Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Choice Between Atheism And Christianity... ???

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Inflammatory rhetoric and scare tactics ultimately will lose elections in America. Extreme statements with absolutely no foundation in rational reality always, in the end, prove themselves to be false. Such will be the case with Rep. John Flemming's (R-LA) fallacious and inflammatory rhetoric with respect to his recent comments on America's choice as being between atheism and Godlessness, or a Christian Nation.

Here is what this demagogue had to say;

"We have two competing world views here and there is no way that we can reach across the aisle -- one is going to have to win."

"We are either going to go down the socialist road and become like western Europe and create, I guess really a godless society, an atheist society. Or we're going to continue down the other pathway where we believe in freedom of speech, individual liberties and that we remain a Christian nation. So we're going to have to win that battle, we're going to have to solve that argument before we can once again reach across and work together on things."

This rhetoric serves no purpose other than to create fear and anxiety. It has no reference to factual reality. All it serves to do is distract from the principals on which our nation was founded. it draws attention away from the real issues conservatives (like myself and others) and Libertarians ought to be focusing on. Issues like fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets, a limited yet effective government, rethinking our foreign entanglements, eliminating regulations that indeed hurt our business sector as well as the private sector and thereby economy at large, and there is more.

However rhetoric such as that of Rep. John Flemming does nothing to focus on these issues. Rather they become empty rallying cries around which the candidate hopes will lead to victory for the candidates and their party. Both the left and the right engage in this useless demagoguery, and the nation is worse off for it.

I am as conservative and Libertarian as you can be. I find Rep. John Flemming's remarks earmarked for the circular file.

I also remind my readers that one of the staunchest supporters of true capitalism in the twentieth century was Ayn Rand. Her political and economic views with respect to capitalism -vs- socialism were as pure and reasoned as you can come by. Her stand for the rights of the individual and minorities (the individual is the smallest minority on earth to paraphrase her words) is well documented. Furthermore Rand held that The United States of America was the first nation on earth, through the establishment of her founding documents, to establish a proper government based on objective and reasoned principals.

Rand was an atheist. So Mr. John Flemming... your point is?

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  1. Les: You're spot on. Religion, or lack thereof, doesn't automatically make people good or bad. Each person must be judged on his/her own character.

    P.S. Speaking of Rand, I just purchased her book, Atlas Shrugged. It's the next book I'm going to read. Long book! I'll let you know what I think of it when I'm done.

  2. You'll enjoy it, I stake my reputation on it.

    Consider The Fountainhead after you finish Atlas.

    Rand has much to offer by way of non fiction as well.

  3. I understand how Mr. Fleming may feel the way he does, but the situation reminds me of a quote I once read somewhere: "Perhaps he who believes that honesty is always the best policy has never tried silence."

    Of course we can't ALWAYS be silent, so being a sucker for quotes and cliches, THAT, in turn reminds me of another quiote that I once heard: "Practice moderation in all things, including moderation."

  4. I wonder if he was just inartful or if he meant to say that. My guess is he's pandering to his voters.

    Like Gorges, I too understand what he's saying, but this is not where we should be focusing right now. We are all free to worship or not, so this is not the operative issue to focus on.

  5. Silverfiddle said: I wonder if he was just inartful or if he meant to say that. My guess is he's pandering to his voters.

    Silverfiddle: That could be the case, and many candidates on both sides are guilty of this, however, it’s quite disingenuous, yes? Our country is in desperate need of candidates who preach on campaign trail then “stick to it” while in office. The double-talk MUST stop.

  6. It seems as if Barack Hussein Obama has lost all touch with religion since he has won the election.
    So what does Barack Hussein Obama really believe in besides socialism and the destruction of America!

  7. Silverfiddle - are 100% correct in saying this;

    We are all free to worship or not, so this is not the operative issue to focus on.

    Pam - I believe you are correct with this;

    That could be the case, and many candidates on both sides are guilty of this, however, it’s quite disingenuous, yes?

  8. Debra - I believe you mean Christianity with your reference to Obama's religion.

    It does seem as though he has strong ties and leanings toward the Islamic faith.

    The operative word is... and the subsequent concern is... Is this President really a socialist.

    An argument can be made he is more of a fascist than a socialist. At least as the terms are commonly used and understood.

    Fascism is in fact socialism with limited individual freedoms and excessive government regulation of the economy.

    It is quite certain he is increasing the second and in time will work to increase the first.

    Just one man's considered opinion. Who really knows what nefarious designs this President has for America.

    As it is looking now I am afraid our capitalist system (actually we have a mixed economy at this point) will suffer further destruction under this President.


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