Friday, August 20, 2010

Bush Bashing... Dems Favorite Sport, Has Obama Heard About Glass Houses

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

The current administration and it's band of clueless saps continue to use GWB to cover Obama's, and their own party's failures. I suppose since the strategy worked in getting the current occupant of the White House elected one can understand their temptation to use 2008's beat once again in 2010.  After all, if they can effectively distract voters from the dismal record of this President and Congress they may have a chance too retain majority status in government.

This from this morning's The Hill, Blog Briefing Room;

Democrats again used former President George W. Bush as a foe in their latest TV ad campaign, driving home the point Republicans would restore policies that helped create the economic downturn.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) released a new cable ad Friday that harped on their campaign message that the November midterm elections will be a choice between Democratic policies that will bring the country out of the recession versus Republican policies that helped created it.

No Republican is used in the ad aside from Bush -- who is shown saying "you can fool me but you can't get fooled again."

Debate has swirled whether or not using Bush as a campaign foil will work for Democrats in the 2010 cycle, two years after Bush left office.

Republicans -- especially those who worked in the Bush administration -- have said it is a tired argument that will not resonate with voters.

But many Democrats have countered, saying that using Bush will give voters a clearer idea of what they are voting for if they back Republicans in the fall. The DNC said the ad will air on national cable networks.

A Democratic official who released the ad said that "the ad -- 'Big Choices' -- amplifies the choice voters are going to face this fall between Democrats who have pulled the country out of the ditch and Bush Republican era policies which put us there."

The spot emphasizes that Democrats favor "investing" in manufacturing, education, a "clean energy" economy and want to put Main Street ahead of Wall Street. 

As an independent conservative (yes TAO I continue to use the label freely and with great pride) I have acknowledged on multiple occasions that GWB was not a conservative in any real sense, did considerable damage during his stewardship of our economy. Was a rabid Keynesian. And involved us in an unnecessary war in Iraq. The overall record GWB left is certainly not one anybody would likely be proud of.

However, that was the past, it is in the history books, and the age of "Hope and Change" has been upon us for going on two years now. Is it not time for the democrats and the POTUS to begin recognizing the policies they have forced upon the American people are not working?

The anticipated summer of recovery has failed to occur. The .national debt has continued to mount. The stimulus package has failed to stimulate real business growth. ObamaCare has resulted in increasing the cost of insurance to consumers. The much hailed financial industry reform will only increase the size of an already highly burdensome and costly regulatory Leviathan. Perhaps the single most troubling is the continued underemployment which remains at near ten percent nationally.

Progressive policies are by design meant to increase the role and size of government. Certainly GWB increased the size and role of the federal government government. Obama is dwarfing him in comparison. Unless we stop this insane fiscal irresponsibility this nation is likely to go the way of Greece and Portugal, just to name a couple of insolvent economies.

What is even more astounding is this... As the controlled economies of former (and present) communist states are moving toward freer markets with less regulation the U.S., once the beacon of capitalism, is moving ever more rapidly to more state control and regulation. Along with this movement individuals will lose ever more of their liberties.

The evidence of the current administrations policy failures are growing. In response their plan of attack is... "Blame it on Bush." I think it is about time this elitist pompous President begin to re-evaluate his premises. It certainly is about time he start taking responsibility , and listening to the voice of the people. Their voice is getting louder in questioning the value and indeed effectiveness of that which he has hoisted upon us.


For those who have not yet seen and read the lengthy list compiled by the Left Coast Rebel I highly recommend it. For another grading of Obama's first eighteen months visit here.

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