Friday, August 6, 2010

The Arizona Experiment

Immigrants are self-deporting from Arizona, showing that if we enforce the law immigrants will go peacefully.

It also provides a rare opportunity to test ideas. Anti-illegal immigration people are tired of hearing “ Americans won’t do,” while others insist we need to import cheap labor. Will Arizona collapse without its cheap labor? Or will previously unemployed Arizonans pick up the slack?

Drastically reducing the illegal immigrant population by allowing them free passage home would put this nation to the test. Could we do our own dirty work? We have 10% unemployment in this country and college students who need money; I think we could. Unfortunately, we will probably never be able to test this question at the national level.

Americans Won’t do the Jobs because the Pay is Crappy!

Supply and demand works in the labor market as well. Employers compete for employees by offering pay and incentives. Bring in illegals who can be intimidated and abused into accepting poor working conditions and shabby pay, and the native born American workers are cut out of the market. Back in the old days, labor unions would have called these illegal workers scabs.

The Root of the Illegal Immigration Problem

Pure libertarianism is against immigration impediments. People, jobs and businesses should be free to flow where they will with no border controls. Sounds good, but the thinking person intuits that this will not work.

Milton Friedman explained why:
“You cannot simultaneously have free immigration and a welfare state.”
The difference in conditions between the developed and under developed world is just too great. Add in the enormous pay differential and lax law enforcement, and the US is a giant illegal immigrant magnet.


  1. I think the money saved on their education,health care,incarnation and food stamps will be the savings right there for Arizona and the country as a whole is they self deport .
    Maybe Mexico should take a good hard look and try to fix it's own home.

  2. Its funny how at first people do not want illegal immigrents when the're there but as soon as the're gone people start saying they need them you can never please those americans let them go back and we'll see which american will pick a box of strawberries for a little more than a buck they brought it on themselves now you guys will see a lot of inflation and won't have anybody to blame but yourselves

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  4. Inflation is coming regardless Where have you been? And you don't have anyone to blame but the debt accumulators in the admin.
    It doesn't matter because the illegals are going to be Unionized,already happening, they will be making more money and then they will move to our tech jobs and health care industry. Then what will we be saying" Illegals doing the jobs that Americans can't have"?
    Then you'll have nobody to blame but "yourself".

  5. >we'll see which american will pick a box of strawberries for a little more than a buck

    Likely not many, so wages will go up, as will employment. That will put more money into the local economies (since they won't be sending it across the border). That will expand the consumer base, and the very businesses that had to increase wages will have a larger potential customer base. The ones that adapt to the changes will prosper, and the ones that can't or don't will disappear, as every business that doesn't adapt to changes should.

    Hospitals in southern Arizona won't have to go out of business anymore, the cost of crime will go down, the drug/gang culture will weaken, and we won't have to conduct a yearly service project to clean Chicano graffiti vandalism off the walls in the neighborhood (and I don't even live in a slummy part of town).

    If we take more than a superficial view of things, there are absolutely no drawbacks to eliminating every single illegal alien from our borders, and many significant benefits.

  6. Bastiatarian-Now that's a future we should push for instead of more failed liberal policiy. That's a great message.

  7. Lisa I'm in ukraine for 3 years now so don't blame of he i said something stupid you too Bastiatarian. I'm just saying if that farmer is forced to increase wages them in order to gain some profit he'll have to increase the price of his product (in this case strawberries) and if he's paying a little more than a buck now... Then probably he'll have to by a lot and then it'll go trough some middle men then the price would be huge tell me if i'm wrong ok

  8. Yes you are Jacob right but there are benefits to it as Bastiatarian posted.
    Eventually the wages of the illegals will go up anyway so do we want American citizens doing the work and raising the price of said strawberries or do we want to legalize all illegals which will raise their wages and still the price of strawberries and still be dependent on our welfare system? Eventually it all evens out.
    What needs to be realized too is our ever increasing unemployment which less people working means less tax revenue to take from to provide the free services we provide now for illegals. Not to mention much of their money is being sent back to Mexico so it isn't helping our economy all that much,it's helping the Mexican economy.
    Also if Obama grants amnesty there will be more to come and that is something we cannot sustain anymore, not that he is concerned about that as much as he is about getting them legal so they can vote democrat.

  9. I see thank you it all makes sense with that said, go home you illegal... I see you made things clear I didn't know they want to legalize them if thats the case then yeah they will start wanting more money and most of them will sit on welfare eating hard earned american tax dollars wow obama is pretty... well you know, for even thinking on doing something like that

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  11. Not just him but most of the democrats.
    Ronald Reagan did Grant amnesty to 3 million back in the 80's which was bad too because all it does over time is multiply. We should be learning from our mistakes.
    Nice typing with you Jacob.

  12. Reagon was doing the same thing wow that is a big number 3 m. Wow I didn't even know that. I don't even know what to say, the republicans should have put up someone better than Mccain, I knew he would lose you can tell just by looking at him, he doesn't look like a president like obama, Mccain looks like a congressman but not a president and all the votes he got were from south and south east excluding florida and we all know why that is.

    Thanks for the compliment it is good typing with you too.


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