Sunday, August 8, 2010

The American First Couple... Meet The Dunces

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

The Obama's. On the one hand we have the recollection of the political candidate that won the "big prize." The man who supposedly all for the "little guy and gal." Remember?... He was going to change the United States and as a result the world by his actions. A real man of the people.

The "Saviour" of our nation has now been in office for what...  Almost nineteen months? And after this time we still have an economy that has not recovered from the most severe recession since the Great Depression. In fact the false growth experienced during the first quarter (no doubt the effect of a false governmental stimulus costing taxpayers billions of dollar)s has slowed significantly and we are still at 9.5% unemployment nationally.

Of course we all heard the refrain of sacrifice. The POTUS cautioned that Americans had to tighten their belts and forgo things they wanted. American was (is) suffering a severe economic recession that meant that families would have to go without the unnecessary comforts.

So good so far, right? Okay then. Could somebody please explain to me whatever happened to leadership. You all know the kind I mean. Principled ethical leadership where the man (or women) in charge leads by example. Demonstrably showing they, and their family, would go without in the same way they told the American people they would have to do.

But wait... The FLOTUS, as overworked and stressed as she must be, had to sacrifice the vagaries of  the Washington beltway political scene to embark on an extended Spanish vacation with forty of her best suffering friends at considerable taxpayer expense.

The message... HUGE fail. Most Americans, even during the best of economic times could not afford the luxury vacation Michele is enjoying with her friends. And sure as he*l they wouldn't get taxpayer help to do so! So what do we have? I believe an Imperial mindset that leads these importers to believe they are deserving of so much more than the people they are supposed to set an example for.

Meet the Imperial Mr. Dunce and his Fashionable First Dunce -et.

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  1. His arrogance alone would have kept me from voting for Obama. His wife is no better.

  2. The aristocrats get all the perks and the peasants only get to work as slaves under the land owners.

    That's how it has always been and always will be, if you allow them to win.

  3. We are at war, with soldiers encircling the planet, and M.O. vacations in Spain. I've missed something.


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