Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rationl Nation USA Hits A Landmark

Rational Nation USA Turns One Today!!

Thanks to each and every one who has supported this site with your visits and comments.

Rational Nation USA appreciates the continued support of its readership and welcomes any suggestions you might have to improve the site.

Rational Nation sends out a special thanks to the Left Coast Rebel  for its support of Rational Nation USA and for the opportunity Tim gave for Rational Nation USA to post at his awesome site. I am equally grateful  for his outstanding posts at Rational Nation USA.

A further note of thanks goes out to The Humble Libertarian whose talents and patience resulted in the recent site redesign this year. Wes, you did a great job and I am thankful for your continued help and support. Your recent post at RN USA was great!! Thanks you.

And finally a word of thanks goes out to The Oracular Opinion and Pamela Hart for her occasional posts at RN USA. Pam took some time off recently but is now back at the keyboard I see. Welcome back Pam!

It was an interesting and exciting year for Rational Nation USA. The coming year will be even more so.

Rational Nation USA is looking to grow its list of contributors to the site. Anyone who has interest please visit the sites contact page and send off an e-mail indicating interest. 

Once again thank you and have a great summer!

Les Carpenter III
Editor in Chief
Rational Nation USA

PS: As I and the lovely and patient bride will be vacationing for the next two weeks posts by the editor will be light. The Left Coast Rebel has graciously agreed to provide content for the enjoyment of Rational Nation USA's readers. Thanks again Reb!!


  1. How dare you not thank me also Les! More proof that you're a hating right wing meanie!

    Just kidding. Congratulations and continued success to you. Joe (T101)

  2. Les: Like I said in my recent post: Time flies, but in YOUR case, you were having fun!

    Congratulations! And I'm SO glad you and your lovely wife will have some time alone. You most certainly need it--working as much as you do.

    Enjoy, my friend!

  3. You call an anniversary a "Landmark?"

    Maybe it is a landmark, I mean a year of parading around as a libertarian loving, freedom demanding, smaller government and lower taxes (except when the president is a republican) patriot, REPUBLICIAN, is not an easy feat!

    Keep up the good work, this pretending to be what you are not would make a drag queen proud!

    You forgot to thank Donald in all of his various reincarnations too!

  4. Congratulations Les.
    I've only been a visitor here for a short time, but it has been a very worthwhile short time. Keep up the good work and keep up the fight.

    Also, congratulations on being the target of pathetic little children like TAO. They are so void of integrity themselves that they are consumed with incredulity when they come across it in someone else, as you can see from her comment above. Their weak and intellectually slothful attacks on you merely indicate that you are speaking the truth in clarity.

  5. Congrats, here's to many years more!

  6. congratulations and ditto on what Bastiatarian said.

  7. Truth - Thank you. And aw shucks, you just blew my cover!

  8. Pam - Thank you. Yes I was having fun... in a manner of speaking!

    Glad your back at the keyboard.

  9. Chris - Thank's, It seems as though time has flown by.

  10. Bastiatarian - Thank you so much for your kind words as well as your readership.

    if you get a chance drop e an email. I have some thought I would like to run by you.

  11. Tim - Thanks you. And a special thanks for your continued support of Rational Nation USA.

    I can not express how much the opportunity you afforded me a LCR means to me.


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