Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Old Glory - 2010

As we approach July 4th let us not forget our national heritage. Our guiding principals over the past two hundred and thirty four years of indiviual liberty, limited government, self reliance, competitive capitalism, and a belief that as Americans we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.

In these days of seemingly constant drift toward a progressive collectivist society, all freedom loving Americans who hold up the individual over the tyranny of the progressive collective state must remain vigilant and steadfast in their opposition to the forces of those intent on turning the United States of America into a collectivist state.

Les Carpenter III  
Editor in Chief
Rational Nation USA


  1. we must remain vigilant especially when the lefts' European role models are proof those policies do not work.
    The president says out of one side of his mouth he wants us to move forward but what he is saying he wants us to move forward with policies that are designed to bring us backwards.
    Why should he care it doesn't affect him as he can still have his fancy date nights and wild White House Parties and keep all his doctors.
    I wish more people knew what is really going on.
    Although many more have.
    I am glad I got involved and am also proud that I attended the first Town Hall Meeting in the country against the big spending.
    It was on Cavuto last week

  2. lisa - Obama, like Bush before him is a progressive collectivist. The goal... Turn America into a European or South American style socialist nation. Chavez anyone?

    The army for liberty is growing and I believe ultimately reason and right will prevail.

    The left's days are numbered.

  3. Obama and Bush are alike but different. What we need is a government who works for us,not the other way around. A government who represents all of us and stops using their power to impose their ideologies on the rest of us. It borders on creepy.
    I met an older woman from Poland at a Tea Party and she was very concerned about what she sees happening. She said this is how it started in her country little by t little and people should be aware of that.
    I will take the word of someone who lived it rather than a bunch of useful idiots who are cheering on these policies.

  4. lisa - We vacation in Vermont every summer staying at the same place every year. Over the years we have became friends with the owners who are from the Czech Republic and they cannot believe that so many Americans refuse to see the obvious end to the progressive collectivist path they seem to have chosen.

    As you say I will believe the words of those who have lived through it over the simpletons like TAO.


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