Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gambling Away California's Wealth, one ATM/welfare Card at a Time

by the Left Coast Rebel

Just imagine how ludicrous this story is and what is says about the welfare state that surrounds, and robs from us that work hard to make a living:

More from the Los Angeles Times:

California welfare recipients are able to use state-issued debit cards to withdraw cash on gaming floors in more than half of the casinos in the state, a Los Angeles Times review of records found.

The cards, provided by the Department of Social Services to help recipients feed and clothe their families, work in automated teller machines at 32 of 58 tribal casinos and 47 of 90 state-licensed poker rooms, the review found.

State officials said Wednesday they were working to determine how much money had been withdrawn from casino ATMs by people using the welfare debit cards.

This story is nothing more than a teachable moment on just how greedy eager progressive-collectivists are to plunder the treasury of a once proud, Golden State. Did you know that almost 3 out of ten people in Los Angeles receive some sort of state 'assistance?' And that the illegal immigration/welfare state situation has turned many once-desirable areas of California into third world cities?

Perhaps the outrage of this story is not that welfare recipients cash out their welfare-atm cards at casinos but that welfare recipients in California even receive 'welfare-atm cards.'

Time for some tough love in California - time to cut off 80% of the welfare state. Don't let Obama bring this vision of America to you.


  1. This shouldn't surprise anyone. I can remember back in the day when the states issued "food stamps" and recipients would sell them for cash for less than face value.

    And what difference does it make if these welfare recipients use the ATM in the casino or in their bank? If they're going to gamble-- they're going to gamble. The ONLY way to stop this is to take over their finances or get them off the government teat. After all, if they have the cash to gamble then they don't NEED welfare.

  2. I hate the idea of government controlling peoples finances, but this is ridiculous. Just another example of why welfare does not work.

  3. Tim - This is a prime example of just what it wrong with the progressive collectivist mentality.

    Sad indeed. And the whole of society pays the price,


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