Sunday, May 23, 2010

The RINO Republicans And Damage Control

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Okay, so  now I'm beginning to get the picture. Rand Paul, the Libertarian Republican candidate for Senator from Kentucky, who actually stood on sound principals is only now beginning to get mainstream Republican party support.

Of course this will come at the expense of his once stated principals. Lamar Alexander, Republican Senator from Tennessee, a RINO leader stated in Face The Nation he can still support Paul even after his "mistake" on civil rights.

Here is what Alexander had to say:

"Even a very good baseball player sometimes has a hard time going from AAA to the major leagues," Alexander said of Paul, who recently won his primary campaign over the GOP's preferred candidate. "And that's what happened to him last week. If he'll stick to the jobs, debt and terror and providing a check-and-balance on a runaway government in Washington, he'll be the next Republican senator. We'll be glad to have him."

What Lamar is really saying here is that if Rand Paul sticks to the established RHINO agenda, and doesn't deviate from the party line he'll do just fine. More of the same old same old from the same old tired Republican party of the last fifteen or so years.

Principals, no matter how valid, gets lost in the battle to win at any cost. A sad state of affairs when winning trumps principals. Perhaps one day principals will finally trump winning. When that day comes we will have won America back from the statists that have controlled our government for far to many years.

I am not holding my breath. Rand Paul could have been part of that effort. Sadly it appears to be shaping up otherwise.

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