Monday, May 31, 2010

Obama's March To Regulate Free Press And Dissenting Views

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Critical to the success of statist governments throughout history has been the control of information available to the general public.

Indeed the founding fathers of our nation understood the critical nature a free and unlettered press played in the   existence of a free republic. Hence the drafting of the first amendment to the Constitution... Which reads as follows.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press...

Clearly the framers of our Constitution understood that for a people to remain free they must secure  the right to free and dissenting speech as well as a free and unbiased press. Today, at this very moment, there are forces at work that wish to abridge these very principals in the name of political correctness, multiculturalism , and political ideology.

President Barrack Hussein Obama,and his statist administration, is determined to federalize the news in the same way he has the banking, auto, and health industries.  In short this means the federal government taking control of the news that is available to the people. Ask yourselves how long it will be before we have a Ministry Of Information that is controlled and guided by the dictates of the government in power at any given time.          

The Federal Trade Commission's document on "reinventing journalism" can be found here. It is a document that should give liberty minded individuals a reason to be highly concerned. Should this "reinventing journalism"  become a reality it will have dramatic effects on journalism, particularly the internet and the freedom political bloggers currently enjoy.

Mark Tapscott points out three facts in his article  "Will Journalists wake upin time to save journalism from Obama's FTC." Rational Nation USA encourages all to read the full article by Mr. Tapscott as well as the Federal Trade Commissions paper on the subject. It is clear the Obamanation wishes too regulate strangulate anything they believes stands in the way of his "change we can believe in" ideology.

The three critical points:

* Journalists must understand that there is no way the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of the press will survive if the federal government regulates the news industry as envisioned by the FTC. Those who accept at face value protests to the contrary or the professions of pure intentions by advocates of government takeover of the news business are, at best, incredibly naive.

* Journalists who remain silent or apathetic about what is being prepared by the FTC for their profession become unintentional accessories in the strangulation of independent journalism.

* Journalists who support or assist, for any reason, the FTC process are accomplices in the strangulation of independent journalism.

It is not only time journalists wake up and recognize the threat Obama's FTC presents to a free press and prople. It is also time the general American public wakes up to the very real possibility of a state run and controlled press. Call it socialism if you will, however given the realities of the present time this would be more appropriately labeled fascism.

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  1. More regulation has always been about getting more control and using it for more than completely innocent means. However, I have no doubt many journalists will stay silent; especially those within the declining MSM institutions. Why? Because regulation gives a few people control and many more people worse off. Yet there's a third, smaller, segment of people that fall into neither section: those who have less control but are more well off. From the Interstate Commerce Commission to these new health-care morasses--it will help those in charge be better off. And whose in charge of the media? Well, let's not point any fingers but let's say I wouldn't die from shock if these new administrative posts were filled by people from the NYT, MSNBC, CNN et al.

  2. It's clearly aimed at non-state controlled media outlets such as the radio talk shows and FOX.

  3. The tribulation is coming folks; the pavement is already laid and the wheels are greased for its entry. It's only a question of how soon it gets here. Thank all your democrat friends.

  4. Unfortunately, the press does not need to be coerced or threatened. They are going willingly...


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