Sunday, May 16, 2010

Newt Gingrich On American Socialism

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

While I have issues with some of former congressman Gingrich's positions, one would have to be totally out of touch to not understand the concerns he expresses in the above video.

Here is an example of what the extreme left has to say on the issue:

What Gingrich is doing is slyly trying to defend the CEO fat cats and his chummy Wall Street elites who screwed up the economy and their companies while they raked in millions of dollars, but he doesn't come right out and say it.

Movement conservatives like Newt are very adept at talking around their far-out beliefs in a way that almost makes them seem reasonable. They know how to manage the language and play it like an instrument. His tone is muted, never going off pitch and always in control. That's their edge. Karl Rove does it as well.
Gingrich, who has changed his religion almost as much as his wives then uses God to justify his odious assertions about the President and what he calls his "secular-socialist machine."

Gingrich was a bit surprised, methinks, that Wallace called him out on his "wildly over the top" attacks on Obama and I think it's because Newt is parroting the exact same beliefs as Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and the Teas Partiers which have caused quite a bit of unrest for the GOP elders. And yet, Gingrich is one of the elders---never forget that.

Gingrich is a talented manipulator of the American people and he's the one that suffers no pain when the economy crashes and burns under conservative rule. It's the average working class Americans that feel the hurt.

Newt's argument frames the usual fear-mongering, boogie man beliefs that have been passed on for generations through the Republican Party. The "Commie threat" has been used for decades and was made popular by Joe McCarthy until he was ousted as a nut. But the College Republicans of the 80s--people like Jack Abramoff, Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed--took the Soviet Union "spies have infiltrated our government" paranoia to the kind of heights that can only be described as downright delusional, coupled with a Robert Ludlum-hero worship syndrome. These guys read Russian spy novels and dressed up in army fatigues, flying around the world trying to embed themselves into the action, fighting against communism while supporting the South American Apartheid regime. And it's this mindset untethered by facts that Gingrich philosophizes on.

Read the full leftist commentary here.

What say you?

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  1. >The "Commie threat" has been used for decades and was made popular by Joe McCarthy until he was ousted as a nut.

    And then he was later shown to have been correct in every case. McCarthy may have had some personality issues, but he absolutely correct, as subsequent events have proven.

    All those things that McCarthy, Ezra Taft Benson, Cleon Skousen, and others in the 50s and 60s that warned about creeping socialism and the threat of an increasingly globalized communism have come true. Leftists ridiculed them, but then went right on doing exactly what those men had predicted the leftists would do.

  2. The leftie's comments appear to be what the old folks referred to as "the pot calling the kettle black." As for "managing the language and playing it like an instrument", I thought that was called being literate and a good speaker.

  3. Newt is right, as usual. He's doing his best work right where he's at and should not run for president.

    They kicked me out of Kooks and Cryers a few years back. Those comments are surprisingly tame.

  4. Both sides have been engaing in an over the top type of hyperbole lately. The left constantly compared Bush to Hitler, and now the right is throwing the commie lines around (this, despite the fact that the Romney MA health-care plan and the Bennett-Wyden plan were both quite similar to the recently passed Obama plan). I don't know. I think that both sides should be required to watch the 1984 Presidential debates between Reagan and Mondale. Those were 2 gentlemen who ran for office the right way.

  5. Bastiatarian - Agree, had McCarthy been gifted with a charismatic personality he may have been viewed differently by history.

    Now we have Obama... I guess this what is considered progress.

    Gorges Smythe - Indeed, yes indeed, you hit the nail on the head.

    SilverFiddle - I agree, Newt should not consider a run for president. He will be more effective doing what he is doing. Providing he stays with reasoned arguments backed up by fact.

  6. Will "take no prisoners" Hart - It's what many politicians and their supporters do.

    A dose of reality... Bipartisanship will not work over the long haul. The libs simply refuse to reason and the cons have given turf by far to often.

    And I agree with you that Reagan and Mondale were two gentlemen with great differences who respected the other and acted with civility and class.

  7. I hear what you're saying, RN-USA. Bipartisanship HASN'T worked. I was just referring more to the mean-spirited tone and vitriol that's been coming, not just from the political establishment, but from cable news and talk-radio arenas as well (the Rush Limbaughs and Keith Olbermann's of the world). It's THAT that I wish would cease nad desist......P.S. Please, check me out. I do (or at least I try to do) a nonpartisan (you notice I didn't say a BIpartisan?) blog.

  8. Will "take no prisoners" Hart - I checked out your site. I will follow comment activity and then determine the level of non partisanship.

    Limbaugh and Olbermann, I would love front row seats to a debate betwen the two. Maybe they could even allow betting.

  9. Rnat-- me problem with Newty, is like most all other so-called conservatives is just that -- so-called. Yes, I know he did "shrink" leviathan to a point, he and the "Mitt-for-brains" Romneys, McCains, and other shills are for the management of gubbermint and not the dismantling of it.
    The red sox vs. the yanks argument is the distraction from the real issue - their Constitutional authority.
    Last night Sphincter said it best, the evil tea-party wants to end big gubbermint and get back to a gold standard.
    He's right, getting away from fiat money will end big gubbermint, they would actually have to pay for their expansions, the war (remember WWII- bond sales) and the countless other BS alphabet depts.
    Newt will not end them, just manage our socialist dose at a un-noticeable pace.
    Dismantlement is the only answer. Our founders knew it and we are awakening to that notion. As long as we argue Rep vs. Dem they (the fed reserve wins). Our politicians keep the doors to the temple open for the money exchangers.
    And the Limbaugh/Ogreman debate would be better with Keith's 12 yr. old nephew Rachael, her balls are a tad bigger. Just a tad.
    Yep - I ran on, but I've been lying low, in deep water.
    Keep the fight, my friend.

  10. LandShark - I hear you. What we have a government bureaucracy that grows more socialist and statist on a continuum.

    The difference is merely in the degree in which we approach the abyss. Unless, and until such time we return to the principals that built this nation the road will lead to the same end.

    It is only a matter of time. Lets hope Americans on both sides of the political spectrum wake up and smell the cappuccino before time runs out.

    And we need to get away from "to big to fail" and end government subsidies to business. I see it all the time in my business and it stinks.


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