Friday, May 7, 2010

Live Oak High School Students Austin Carvalho and Don Maciel on Fox

by the Left Coast Rebel

More on the Live Oak High School controversy:

What do you think about the Mexican-American girl that essentially admitted that wearing the American flag on Cinco De Mayo was 'disrespectful' therefore, should be censosred? Is this the kind of ethnic-centric collectivist that we are churning out of public schools?

The answer, shockingly in far too many cases, is: yes.

The future leaders of America:

"You are disrespectful, therefore you have no freedom of speech or expression...."

Via Memeorandum

UPDATED: Ann Althouse, has this:

You can see that the kids who were into Cinco de Mayo felt "disrespected" by the display of the American flag on what they thought of as their day. It felt like a response... a debate. And I understand how all those kinds felt. But the flag shirts were, of course, speech, and the school cannot go down the road of viewpoint discrimination, even if the school officials have some well-intended idea about making members of the minority group feel comfortable.
What the school needs is a neutral ban on T-shirts with symbols or writing. Require real shirts, with no writing or picture. Or go with uniforms. But if you let some kids speak via shirts, you have to let others respond via shirt.

Speech by shirt is a type of debate, but it's hardly the best kind of debate. It's quite close to the signaling that gang members do, which has no place in school. There is an appropriate worry about violence. There should be order in schools, and there can be strict rules limiting what students wear. Instead, teach students to express themselves with words. Help them develop their ideas beyond the rudimentary level of calling the flag stuff.

I remember when the use of the flag in clothing was all about disrespect. It was the kind of hippie shit that enraged WWII veterans. That was back when you weren't allowed to wear any sort of T-shirt to school. And now these young schoolboys are being used by right-wingers to make various political points. I would prefer to teach all the students to dress better and to speak better — not to say "I would have took my stuff" — and to have vigorous, substantive debates about politics.
What do you think?


  1. Soloman - As I commnted on your site...

    "What else can be said?... Great post, great insight, great logic."

  2. I think the boys may me milking this a bit. Who can blame them, if I was their age I, would be pretty excited about being on Fox News and Mark Levin.

    What happened with the shirts is way out of line. School officials should face discipline.

  3. It's all overblown. I also think this is what happens when immigrants are no longer assimilated into our cultural melting pot.

    Instead, vulnerable illegals fall into the clutches of America-hating progressives who indoctrinate them into a culture of entitlement-based passive-aggressive agitprop.

    This is a shame. Hispanics have been a part of our culture since before we were a nation.

    That, of course, is a threat to the left. A minority group that cannot be isolated, preached to and turned into foot soldiers of international progressivism is intolerable to them.

  4. SilverFiddle - I agree. Rather than encouraging independence and self sufficiency the progressive left encourages dependency on the state so as to insure their base grows.

    Perhaps it stems from self loathing?

    Having said the above I must admit to knowing many "good liberals" that do not walk in the footprints of the America haters on the left.

    By the way I will be adding you to my blog Roll and Featured Blogger List Soon. You don't mind I Link to you do you?

  5. I too know many "good liberals" you describe, and I think the America hating variety is a decided minority.

    Link away! I appreciate it! I've already had you on my blogroll for quite awhile.

    Our philosophies seem very similar, although I'm not really a Rand fan. (But power to those who are!)

  6. Shh, not a Rand Objectivist. :-)

    I attribute a good deal of my philosophy to Rand. I first read her Anthem when I was Jr. High School.

    She must have made a lasting impression I never forgot because at 43 years of age I began reading her in earnest. Since then I have read many of her books twice and use many as reference material.

    I have read most all of her fictional and non fictional work. IMO she was a brilliant mind that many failed to understand.


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