Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is El Presidente For Real?

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

We have an El Presidente who believes nations are not defined by their borders (this presumably includes their  national heritage as well) but rather by their bonds. This sure sounds like something from a liberal college focus group I once was forced to suffer through. The focus group was a bunch of crap and El Presidente is full of crap.

Nations are most certainly defined by their borders. Just as they are defined by their language and culture. Any national leader who is so foolish as to not recognize this simple truth does not deserves to lead this or any nation. So El Presidente, please do us all a favor and resign from office before you embarrass yourself  further. Not to mention the national embarrassment you are to the American citizens you are supposed to represent and lead.

There can be only one purpose for having such a belief... To prepare the way  for that glorious day that socialists and Marxists, as well as the world wide banking and moneyed interests are looking forward to. The one world order. The day the world has one currency, one government, and the day the when the independent nations of the world lose their sovereignty. When the free nations of  the globe become a homogeneous blend with all those who have never really enjoyed the liberties we have in The United States of America.

El Presidente is nothing more than one of many so called leaders that are being manipulated by the powers in this nation and others. With his wonderful accommodation of The Mexican President this week, and his ridiculous statement he merely proved he is either  a willing accomplice or a  lot dumber than originally thought.

In either case the results are the same.

Here are some revealing insights into the positions of El Presidente.

Sure sounds like amnesty doesn't it? Just part of the borders don't define a nation ideology and plan for a One World Order.

El Presidente needs to visit the writings of a past progressive President of these United States... Teddy Roosevelt. At least he had a rational and correct view on the importance of immigration control and presumably of borders as well.


  1. I totally agree, Les. I think that this episode proves that Obama, once again - is the Manchurian candidate for those that wish to dismantle the United States. Recall that he remarked a while back as well that he didn't really believe in American exceptionalism? I've heard it said that Obama is the first 'post-American' President.....

    Wake up, America.

  2. I totally agree! Obama spouts his lying words out of one side of his mouth while actually supporting pretty much the exact opposite as what he said. Obama is in favor of a One World Order and his comment stating that we are defined not by borders but by our bonds reveals just that. He is a Marxist who is also acting like a dictator rather than the president of the U.S. He seems to be teaching the United States a lesson and making our economy and wealth worse on purpose and that ticks me off so much.

  3. Tim - I too have heard Obama referred as the first post American President. Sadly we are seeing more as time passes how correct that statement really is.

  4. Teresa - Sadly Obama actually believes deeply the principals he is trying to "teach" America. That is what makes him so dangerous.

    He is, at a very rapid pace attempting to dismantle the very foundation on which this nation was build and many have died to preserve.

    I believe America is slowly waking up to the disaster that politicians like Bush and Obama have brought to America.

    Obama promised change... Little did the "true believers" recognize his "Hope and Change" was merely smoke and mirrors designed to hide his real agenda.

    The nation will be better off when he vacates the White House. Hopefully in 2012. If he wins reelection then America deserves what he is giving us.


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