Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Impending Newsweek Demise?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Two years ago a friend gifted me a subcription to Newsweek magazine along with Money mag. as a way of saying 'thanks' for taking part in his wedding. Money was decent, Newsweek - not so much. Never in my life had I been so inundated with leftist-liberal plethora agenda material.

In fact, Newsweek was so bad, it was ridiculous.

And not just because it was so damned absurd and leftist-Marxist. No, even more because the writers, editors, pundits and pontificators pretend it is not so.

Perhaps today's news is not surprising, then?:

The Washington Post Co. announced Wednesday that it has retained Allen & Company to explore the possible sale of NEWSWEEK magazine. The newsweekly, which has struggled in recent years, was launched in 1933 and purchased by The Washington Post Co. in 1961.

Washington Post Co. Chairman Donald E. Graham came to New York to tell the magazine staff at a 10:30 a.m. ET meeting on Wednesday. "We have reported losses in the tens of millions for the last two years," he said. "Outstanding work by NEWSWEEK's people has significantly narrowed the losses in the last year and particularly in the last few months. But we do not see a path to continuing profitability under our management."

Graham said the company decided to go public with the news to invite as many potential buyers as possible, and said the sale could be completed within a few months. "Our aim will be--if we can do it--a rapid sale to a qualified buyer," he said. "We're a public company and we have to consider the price offered. But we'll have a second and third criteria: the future of NEWSWEEK and the future of those who work here."

Bleeding liberal money is still red (and green). Donald Douglas over at American Power has this:

I say with some passion, as a longstanding former subscriber, death to Newsweek! And no one deserves to see the magazine die a most ignominious death than current editor Jon Meacham. As indicated by the collection of Newsweek covers below, Meacham practically destroyed the magazine all by himself. Not even the recession could wreak as much havoc. Once a great American institution, Newsweek long ago lost any claim to the honorific of "professional journalism." A laughingstock and disgrace, having abandoned even the tiniest shred of integrity, the magazine sold its soul to the false zeitgeist of the Obama Zombie Interregnum.

And just a few of the covers of Newsweek as of relatively late:






Read the rest.


  1. With any luck the mag. will be allowed to die.

  2. You must have done something bad at that wedding. :)


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