Monday, May 24, 2010

Hope And Change - The Pictorial

Some new billboards springing up on highways in Minnesota.  

 Guess this just about says it all.

h/t: Hot Air


  1. I'm with the author of the billboard on the spending and the bailouts. But the "appeasing terrorists" criticism is pure demagogery. Obama has killed more Al Qaeda terrorists(with the drone attacks) than President Bush ever did. And, yes, so, too, did Bush 2 back away from enhanced interrogation......This is all recycled Dick Cheney nonsense, if you ask me.

  2. Yeah.pretty much says whoever put the billboards up is clueless.

  3. Will "take no prisoners" - I think were are pretty much in agreement on this one then.

    When he completes the list there will be more to agree with.

    Oh and he really has a short regard for the constitution. Perhaps in time he will shred it if given his "wings."

  4. Oso - Seems some agree at least in part with the "clueless" persons statements on the bill boards.


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