Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good Bye Arlen Specter... You Won't Be Missed

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

The soon to be former Senator from Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter received his just deserts Tuesday.  The party switching, self absorbed and self serving pol with very few scruples was handily defeated in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary by Joe Sestak.

During an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell before election results were in he had some interesting comments:

What you see happening across the country is that the tea party organization has taken over.

Is we're not careful, if you don't field the strongest candidate... frankly, like Arlen Specter... they're going to take over. Beating the tea party gang is more important than who does the beating.

They want to go back to the gold standard, it'd be an 18th century America."

Let me get this straight, a movement that supports a more limited role for the federal government, balanced budgets and fiscal sanity, elimination of unnecessary federal departments such as the Department of Education, and favors a return to the gold standard, is unreasonable?

Well, perhaps to those who actually might believe money grows on trees, the government knows what's best for them,  and the bigger the bureaucracy and the greater it's power the better is is for the people, I suppose it is considered unreasonable.

Thankfully this opportunistic 80 year old big government spender will be unemployed shortly. With Specter's loss in Pennsylvania, and Rand Paul's huge win in Kentucky thing are looking pretty good. There is a short time for celebration... before the hard work and future efforts to unsettle and unseat  very complacent Congressional and Senatorial  bodies.

For your amusement the video of soon to be unemployed Arlen Specter telling it only as he can.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. Spoken like a true Bismarckian statist, Arlen!

    Adios to a craven politician...

  2. Good riddance to that worthless piece of garbage.
    I can't wait until November and see the rest of the trash being put out. It's in the "tea leaves".
    One can only hope.
    P.S. That 0bama endorsement really helped Spector huh?

  3. "Let me get this straight, a movement that supports a more limited role for the federal government, balanced budgets and fiscal sanity, elimination of unnecessary federal departments such as the Department of Education, and favors a return to the gold standard, is unreasonable?"

    The liberal media and the progressives would say, "yes". And they are simply living in fear of people who live in "fly-over country who cling to outmoded concepts of God and guns" because those people vote. They're not violent people, they don't riot. They do have American flags flying from their homes and businesses, their sons and daughters often serve a hitch in the US Military, they are self-reliant and pay their bills and taxes -- and as with everyone else in the country, they are entitled to vote. But it ticks off the liberals.

  4. SilverFiddle - Man you sure sated it well and nailed it my friend.

  5. the malcontent - Yes there is no doubt but we need a complete dusting and cleaning in November. Let us work to the end the left ones get dusted out.

    Perhaps Obama is losing his teleprompter "star power."

  6. LL - Let them be ticked off... they need something to grouse about.

    To them it's about two things, government control and power. No matter how they couch it in their altruistic, benevolent rhetoric it is still about individuals ceding control of their lives to the government.


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