Sunday, May 9, 2010

Colorado Voters, Like Arizonans, Favor Tougher Immigration Policy

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

A Rasmussen poll out Saturday shows that fifty five percent of Colorado voters favor a law like the one just adopted by  the state of Arizona. This should come as no surprise to thoughtful and thinking individuals that have refused to drink the progressive/socialist tea.

Nationally the number of voters that favor a Arizona style law is at fifty nine percent which remained unchanged from a week earlier. The protest rallies in opposition to Arizona's law had little to no effect on majority opinion in America.

The poll also identified that fifty nine percent of voters in Colorado are supportive of a welcoming immigration policy that excludes "national security threats, criminals and those who would come here to live off our welfare system."  Twenty five percent of voters however are opposed to immigration policy with that goal. It should be noted that these numbers mirror parallel  nationwide views.

Seventy nine percent of Republican voters, and fifty six percent of independent voters are in favor of immigration law that cracks down on on ILLEGAL immigration like the law just adopted in Arizona. Not surprisingly fifty six percent of Democrats oppose such laws.

Democrats are considerably more concerned than either GOP or independent voters about possible civil rights violations against U.S. citizens. They are just slightly less supportive of immigration policy that excludes security threats, criminals, and those that come here to live off the efforts of hard working American citizens and the system they have established.

Colorado Governor, Bill Ritter has said he would veto any legislation similar to Arizona's Senate Bill 1070. Governor Ritter's approval rating now stands at forty percent. Governor Ritter announced in January that he would not seek reelection to the governorship. A good decision given his obvious lack of support and misguided rationale.

We have Arizona, and now Colorado coming out in favor of  enforcing immigration laws that secure our borders  and keep American citizens protected from the negative effects of illegal immigration. Hopefully more states will find the moral courage to come out in favor of stronger immigration policy and securing our national borders. This must include a crackdown on businesses who seek to, and actually employ illegals.

It is past due time for states, particularly those most impacted by the negative and costly effect of illegal immigration to stand up, speak up, and take independent action to resolve this problem if the federal government continues to fail it's citizens.

Arizona should be applauded for it's action. Colorado voters it appears, are making the right and logical determinations. States across this great republic of ours need to stand tall, proclaim for America that we embrace LEGAL immigration of people whose intent it is to assimilate and become a part of America's immigrant heritage. Our national policy should be, for those who wish to come here to demean or criticize our great nation of immigrant people,  to send the message IF WE CATCH YOU, AND WE WILL, YOU WILL BE DEPORTED... POST HASTE. Any questions? Please  refer to the preceding statement.

This should be our national policy. Even the misguided progressive President Theodore Roosevelt understood this simple reality.

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