Monday, May 24, 2010

Barrack Hussein Obama On Internationalism - One World Order

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

President Obama has once again reaffirmed his agenda of a one world order. One that will be controlled by a one world government and the oligarchy that controls it.

His recent statement that we are not defined by our borders but rather by our bonds was the precursor to statements in his speech at West Point. Make no mistake... It is the confirmation that Barrack Hussein Obama is the first post American president.

Obama's vision for an international order, one that eclipses border, language, and culture as so effectively and properly promoted by Micheal Savage, can only lead to European style socialism at best, and Soviet Style Communism at its worst.

America, should it follow the vision and path Obama has obviously chartered for this and future generations, will lose its identity and all that made this nation the fairest, most prosperous, most generous, and rational nation on earth.

Each person has their own viewpoints. The blending of various views has been part of what made this nation, a people that believe in individualism, the rule of law, a brand of liberty that demands allegiance to principals that exceed what the expediency of the moment may dictate.

The values my generation grew up learning, the values of past patriotic generations are slowly fading into memory. Barrack Hussein Obama is the steward that is knowingly and willingly steering this and future generations down the misguided path to One World Internationalism.

I weep for the nation that will be lost in the transition. I especially weep for my grandchild.

Note also the tone of continued and further intervention into the affairs of other nations. The military industrial complex will be preserved. However, it is likely that American troops will serve under the oversight of the inept and ineffective United Nations or some yet to be named world body. Whatever the case it is sure to be a disaster.

President Obama's course is clear. Whether the majority of Americans eventually recognize it remains to be seen.

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  1. The applause at West Point was tepid and polite. Real men and women know a hollow pretender when they see one.

  2. Not only does he want a New World Order,he wants to be the Imperialist who rules it.

  3. SilverFiddle - So true, so true. He is an empty shell of a leader.

  4. lisa - Indeed you are right. The Messiah becomes the Leader of The World. Sounds like a fairy tale doesn't it...

    Or a horror story.

  5. It is a scary thought RN. God help us. He wants us to have no power and wants to hand over power over us to other countries. He's so inclusive isn't he?


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