Monday, April 26, 2010

Independent Conservatism And The Opposition To Modern Progressivism

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

I stand proud to declare my independent conservatism. I stand proud to declare the wisdom of our founding fathers. I stand proud to embrace the principals of men that have valued liberty through the generations.

I stand tall and proud in my call to oppose the elitist Leninist/Stalinist such as Chairman TAO who stand ready to destroy all that made the nation great.

Make no mistake... The Chairman has only one thing in mind. Control of your life and everything that is of value to the individual. He would have you believe that the collective good far outweighs the individual good. He believes the bureaucracy and the power of  an all intrusive government is far superior to the ability of the market to create opportunity and wealth.

In short he is a sellout to the influences of Big Brother Government. The very same that works with the  Huge Corporations to control YOUR destiny.

Chairman TAO is part of the front for the current onslaught of progressive/socialist/Leninist/Stalinist revolutionaries. Check out his sight and then as always Rational Nation USA leaves it to you, the all important individual to decide.

This nations future depends on your choice. If in doubt please read our Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and selected reading of our Founding Fathers. The choices are clear.


  1. Hmmm. You remeber RN, that Chairman Tao has several times exposed the health insurance bill as a give away to big insurance companies.

    You dislike him but you, Rand Paul and TAO agree.

  2. Why do you link to communist blogs? Chairman Mao is a blot on American liberty. Chairman Mao didn't like the bill because it did not put the entire health care industry under the direction of Obama's Democrat politburo.

  3. Truth - Perhaps you have been duped by Chairman TAO... I have not.

    SilverFiddle - I linked to the Chairman's sight for one reason and one reason only... to expose exactly that which you so accurate stated in your comment.

    To defeat the enemy requires that you know them and their tactics.

    I have at this point washed my hands of the matter with respect to Chairman TAO. He is not to be trusted as his motives are dark and insidious.

  4. "Dark and insidious." Awesome RN. If you don't do a post with TAO photoshopped as "TAO Insidious", you know, a Star Wars thing, you have no sense of humor at all.

  5. Truth - Hmmm... as I smile and think for a moment.

    Then I snap back to reality realizing 1)I find nothing amusing really about C.T. 2)I actually meant what I said about washing my hands of the matter with respect to C.T.

    C.T. = Bad Karma

    Thnak for providing me the opurtunity for the chuckle though.


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