Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Signs Rational Immigration Bill

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, has shown political independence and strength by signing into law a tough immigration bill that is at odds with the Obama administrations position on immigration. The bill will become the law in Arizona in ninety days.

When signing the bill the governor had this to say; "Respect for the rule of law means respect for every law. People across America are watching Arizona." We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for Washington to act. But decades of inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation". 

As the governor of a state highly impacted by illegal immigration she understands the cost to her state, and indeed the nation as a whole. Her announcement came hours following the Presidents pronouncement that the the bill is "misguided."

The bill once it becomes law will make it illegal in the state of Arizona to be in the country illegally. Migrant workers will be required to produce papers that verifies their status when asked to do so by a police officer. A article in the Arizona Republic published poll results showing seventy percent of Arizonans support the bill. 

Arizona Senate Bill 1070 will be the toughest immigration law in the nation. Rather than objecting to this bill Washington, and the President should be supporting and applauding it. It is a path that will lessen the burden and cost of illegal immigration.

This bill is not racist and it's requirements are not profiling. The bill is not anti immigration... it is anti ILLEGAL immigration. This position should be one all Americans can and should support. Even civil rights and Hispanic groups benefit by this bill. Illegal immigration has negative impact on everyone in our country, including legal immigrants that took the proper path allowing them to reside and work in our country.

The Los Angeles based Mexican American Legal Defense fund  is already saying they may test the laws constitutionality. While the issue of illegal immigration should be one of national concern this bills constitutionality should be an issue for the state of Arizona to determine. It is essentially an issue of states rights.

If the federal government chooses to take the path of least resistance and political expediency then individual states across America should enact their own laws and thereby accept responsibility for the effect of those laws. Washington has for by far to long evaded the issue of illegal immigration. It appears the  current administration, and many in the "opposition" party lack the will to resolve the current problem and enforce tough measures to control lit in the future.

Kudos to Governor Jan Brewer for having the strength to take action and sign into law a bill with teeth. A bill that enforces respect for the rule of law.

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  1. How quickly you and others forget that Reagan gave them amnesty. I live in Az. and I can tell you that you are waaaaay off base on this one.
    I would think that freedom loving republicans such as your self, would not also see this as an infringement on YOUR civil rights.

  2. 1)I am not a Republican.

    2) I did not support this aspect of the Reagan agenda. It was misguided. However this doesnot imply everything he did was wrong.

    3) Your statement about infringement of "my civil rights" is circular logic. The issue is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and how to eliminate it (to the highest degree possible) not about anyones civil rights.

    And by the way, I agree with Obama on his decision reversing GWB'S stance on stem cell research.... So if anyone from the left is REALLY interested in coherent discussion (unlike the Chairman)they might actually find there are many "independent conservatives" that think for themselves.

    I am not holding my breath.

    Thanks for stopping in. Just don't assume, as Chairman (whatever his name is) does that I am something I am not. Chairman has a vivid imagination.

  3. RE: "circular logic"

    This was the Governors response.
    " I do not know what an illegal immigrant looks like."
    So then why did she sign it.
    Perhaps a law enforcement agent in AZ. might think that YOU look Mexican. This legislation is pure racist. It has nothing to do with protecting our borders. I am all for closing the borders, but this is not hte way to go about it. Ever google [Constitution Free zone}?

  4. I too am for closing the borders. Seems everyone else is as well. Except of course the illegals and some in the US that may benefit from illegal immigrants.

    If the Governor's action drives a do nothing congress to ACTUALLY develop a better approach to resolve the situation with illegals and enforce immigration laws with some teeth, and not be so concerned with the perceived rights of illegals I can support that.

    Until they do I stand behind my position in todays post. This bill is not racist or anti immigration. It is about stopping the flood of illegal immigration into the state of Arizona.

    Something a do nothing government on both sides of the political aisle have failed to accomplish.

  5. Just sayin: YOU look a little Hispanic to Officer Doolittle. So in 3 months he can ask you for your papers.

    How would you feel?

    You are an illegal, you brought your son across the border at the age of 1 year. Your son gets in a fight in high school. The police are called. Officer Doolittle has to ask your son for his papers. He does not have any. He can now be deported.

    How would you feel?
    Just asking.

  6. Since I am not an illegal I can not speak for an illegal.

    However, If I look a little Hispanic and an officer asks me to verify I am legally in the US I don't believe I would have a problem with it having nothing to hide. However, I acknowledge the possibility of this authority being abused. Just as the federal government has abused its authority from time to time.

    I can say that I would not be an illegal because I respect the rule of law. Nor would I subject my son to the scenario you describe. My responsibility to my son and myself would be to immigrate through the proper channels.

    We have a serious problem that is negatively affect put countries security. Something with teeth must be implemented.

  7. You want teeth, I will give you teeth. LOL. Let the Governor in all of her wisdom recall the National Guard, and the Arizona reserve units and place them on the border.
    Not these Gestapo tactics.
    Sheriff Arpaio has used this crusade to fill his coffers.
    This legislation is against all peoples civil rights.

    Ever google [Constitution Free Zone]?

  8. Thanks for hitting my follow button.
    I hit yours a long time ago.

  9. You know... you and I, even with our differences could actually have a rational policy discussion and maybe even arrive at a workable solution.

    I sincerely apologize for failing to hit your follow button a long time ago. My mistake. Thank you for finding that my sight has enough value for you to follow.

  10. A workable solution is always in order.
    When there is no political agenda involved it is always much easier.
    My point being is that this does not solve immigration. It makes it worst.
    Financially they are the new white mans burden.
    The cost, and the benefit evens out. Dollars and cents wise. On the contrary they add to the community. America will need a new tax base. They will need someone to buy, and or rent these vacant houses. Keeping 12 million people in the shadows is feudal.
    Bring them out, let them pay taxes, let them contribute to society.
    America has always been a land of forgiveness, and acceptance.
    Why not now?
    Any political party recognizes the potential power of the coming Latino vote. i do believe that the republicans will get on board, if the open borders are talked about first.

  11. Some of what you say here I can agree with.

    The greater issue is how to stop the influx of illegals and how to control it going forward.

    Both the Demicans and Republicrats have a vested interest in doing nothing to resolve the situation as I see it. Politics as usual in other words.

    I stand by my original post.

  12. Les,
    I would have to disagree strongly here, although I respect and understand your feelings on the matter.

    For a lot of reasons, people of color probably do commit more crime so it would follow profiling would be an imperfect yet logical tool to aid law enforcement. I haven't read the bill but have heard it refers to "foreign looking" people or words to that effect.

    We all know this doesn't mean European looking. Being of mostly Indian descent with a little Mexican and French thrown in I've been profile stopped since my early teens. The police are generally professional but the rare exception can be unpleasant. I learned over the years what areas to stay clear of.

    This law IMO makes a tolerable situation worse.

    As I said, I understand your reasoning and it's honesty, which is why I state my objections in a reasonable way too.

  13. Oso - As always I respect your approach and civility.

    I have been exposed to many ethnic groups over my 58 years as I have traveled from the west coast (where I was born) to the east coast (where I reside), with a stop in the middle, Illinois.

    I am of mixed European Descent (going back to before the American Revolution), and my own children have some American Indian blood through their mother, although it goes back many generations.

    So I hope you believe I have no bigoted or racists beliefs or tendencies.

    I look at this as an issue of national stability and security. While the danger of abuse exists it is as you say small. The system if manged by the individual states will IMO be better than what we have had on the national level for decades.

    As I said, if the feds find a workable splution with teeth that works I am all set to support it.

    However I won't be holding my breath I can assure you.

  14. Hi Les, yes absolutely I don't see any bigotry on your part.
    Complicated issue, possible could have been worded better. I'm wondering about the timing, if gubernatorial elections are coming up?
    Politics is a tangled web.And most politicians are spiders amid that web!

  15. Oso - I couldnot agree more with your last sentence.


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