Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alan Keyes Tells It Like It Is

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Perhaps Alan Keyes and Ron Paul ought to consider teaming up. Both are independent and not slaves to party loyalties.

I know it won't happen, but one can hope and dream. Breaking the mold, and stranglehold  of the modern progressive/socialist/statist plan for America is the only real answer to solving our problems.

Neither of the  major parties, nor their power bases are concerned about We The People. Alan Keyes has it just right when he says throw the bums out.

The American taxpayers and voters must vote in 2010 to replace the current batch of special interest bought and paid for politicians with real Americans.

And now, more reasoned words from another America Patriot in an open letter to the President.


  1. I hate to be the one to burst your hopes and dreams, but there is exactly a 0% chance will will happen.

    In Kentucky, Alan Keyes endorsed one of Rand Paul's opponents and it was a much an endorsement against Ron Paul and his son as much as it was an endorsement for the particular candidate.

    Keyes has swallowed the neocons' propaganda whole.

  2. Oh Rational. Alan Keyes proves my point about the right's real need for abortion to remain legal.

    Keyes is pro life in all circumstances. I won't attack him as other's on my side will because I respect his convictions. He is I believe a man of conviction.

    But he is a joke among the party regulars and elites. He can make as good a defense for conservatism as anyone, yet he can't get 2% of the vote in the republican primaries which are dominated by conservatives.

    We're in the same boat RN. I want my office holders to get us out of Iraq. Make real healthcare reform a reality. Have a responsible tax code that we all contribute to fairly. Rich or poor. We're all in this together.

    You want sound fiscal policy and restraint. Government restraint in regulation and intervention. You also want a tax responsible tax and spending policy.

    Neither one of us will get these with the people running our parties. My party anyway. In your case, the party you vote for most of the time.

  3. >But he is a joke among the party regulars and elites.

    The ultimate endorsement!

  4. Paul and Keyes suppost the point I have made many times.


    While perhaps thay share opposing views in many cases, they are men of principal.

    They have idea's the so called "conservative base in the so called conservative party" will never consider.

    They threaten the power structure as it exits in both major parties.


    Neither stand a chance as a result of the above.

    Truth, I appreciate your acknowledgement I am NOT a lockstep Republican/Republicrat.

    I firmly believe at this juncture in American political history we need a strong principled third (and perhaps fourth) party if we are to see realmeaningful change.

    I won't be holding my breathe. So I guess I shall keep being the naysayer from my part of reality.

  5. Alan Keys is an articulate and smooth talker, Obama worshipers should love him, since that is what impresses them the most. But he does not impress me.
    And besides, he could never win. Going after the nomination 3 times,he received the lowest amount of votes... In other words, he's a perennial candidate, He may be a polished speaker but he's used baggage. We need fresh new young blood.
    And I also think that Obama would crush him.

  6. Mal - Your are certainly right that he can't win. I do however believe he is a man of conscience, he is right, and I am tired of watching the parade of incompetents like GWB and then McCain being paraded out of the Republican/Republicrat stables.

    I don't know what the future will bring, I do know this, I will do my part to encourage support for principled conservative and or libertarian candidates.

    In the end I will refuse to vote for Obama or those with his his philosophy of governance. Having said this I think it is time for conservatives and libertarians to stand on principal. Then we will truly distinguish ourselves from the Democrats/Demicans.

  7. I voted for Keyes back in 2000, but I doubt that I would again. I think his frustration at not being able to get black voters to understand their self-destructive voting habits has caused him to become a bit of a buffoon. I agree with what he says, but the way he says it drives people away.


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