Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wisconsin Billboard Advocating the POTUS be Impeached

I admit it... there are many philosophical, governmental, business, and ethical issues on which the POTUS and me would strongly disagree. I would be being less than honest if I claimed I didn't wish the POTUS were a different individual. One whose governing practices and philosophy of government more closely resembled that of Founding Fathers and responsible independent modern conservatives.

The reality is however just this. The people of the United States elected this man to the highest office in the land for four years. He has served as POTUS for just over one year and we are seeing Impeach Obama signs on a major highway in Wisconsin. Obviously somebody in Wisconsin certainly does not like this POTUS very much.

The unnamed company, presumably a small one, has paid to have the billboard displayed for six months at one thousand dollars a month. I am sure those collecting the six thousand dollars and the sign company are all to happy to collect the revenue.

I could be wrong here, but doesn't the POTUS have to actually commit an impeachable offence to be impeached? If so for what purpose other than to show dissatisfaction over the POTUS's handling of  the economy, and small business issue particularly, does this serve?

I guess it whips up some conversation, a lot of people will echo the Impeach Obama slogan just because they don't like him, and then it hopefully will be forgotten. Essentially this should be a non starter. The efforts can be better spent exposing big government, it's profligate deficit spending, it's growing of social programs, it's overseas interventionism, and the influences of special interests and how this all perverts our republic.

So while I have no argument with those who wish we had a different POTUS, I just think there are better and more effective ways to insure he does not get a repeat appearance. A good place to start is by presenting daily all the legitimate mistakes the POTUS makes as well as pointing out why his ohilosophy of governing is not right for America. How the change he brought to us is not the change we meant.

However, none of that constitutes an impeachable offence. The six thousand dollars could have been spent more productively, IMO.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: NBC Chicago


  1. like too many arguments in today's politics this is but an argument of emotion not an argument of reason. both sides use this type of argument too much but that is politics.

    but they can still serve a purpose if interpreted right. they can show the depth of feeling, either for what Obama ( or any politician)is trying to accomplish or the depth of feelings against his agenda. they shouldn't be taken literally.

    if you'll notice the more visited blogs use this form of argument. even "truth" acknowledges this in regards to his blog. that is one reason he has such a large following.

    its one reason why you hear the word "hate" thrown at each other so many times.

  2. Griper - I agree.

    Do I believe there are legitimate concerns at play here? Absolutely!

    Do I believe they rise to the leave of impeachment? Absolutely not!

    Do I believe society in general needs to move beyond TAO and his virulent form of Leninism? Absolutely!

    But as always this is just one man's opinion. And I stand by it!

  3. i wouldn't put too much credibility into something like that sign.

    as with any group there are individuals that will take things to the extreme. the time to take something like this seriously is when it becomes a big enough group opinion so as to really influence the direction of that group.

    the only thing this sign will do is give some lefty a reason to paint the whole group as being of one mind which is a fallacy. and when that happens they can be exposed in that attempt. and their own argument will betray them.


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