Monday, February 15, 2010

The Value of Real Independence

I have been trying to understand the attacks of late on  my very integrity by TAO at Radical Perspective. His attack seem to be more the result of my refusal to accept his premises and our obvious ... lets just leave it at differences.

Rational Nation USA is a site that respects, and in fact encourages different viewpoint when honestly held and sincerely presented. A prime example and case in point is Truth 101. A liberal blogger that Rational Nation USA has deep differences with. Yet a blogger that engenders respect and consideration of, and for, his differing opinions. In short a blogger that has class and spree-decor.

The very foundation of our Republic is built upon the following: 1) a fundamental distrust of government, 2) the belief that individualism, not collectivism is the bedrock of a sound and productive society, 3) capitalism is the only economic force that generates wealth and lifts society to a higher standard of living, 4) that while government is necessary to the functioning of a civil society it should be limited and the people being governed must be allowed to act responsibly on their own behalf with a minimal amount of government intrusion into their lives 5) liberty is best served by the honest and necessary give and take of opposing viewpoints, 6) the people being governed have the sole right to determine the form and substance their government will take, 7) the smallest minority is that of the individual and thusly the individual must be protected at all costs against the tyranny of the majority, 8) our republic is a fragile and enlightened concept, ours to keep if we have the will.

There is so much more that could be said on this this matter. And there are many on the liberal front as well as the conservative front such as Left Coast Rebel, Another Black Conservative, Just a Conservative Girl, The Humble Libertarian , Just a Man With His Thoughts, LandShark 5150... and so many more that share these values of American Liberty and independence. It is indeed unfortunate that bloggers such as TAO at Radical Perspective choose to tear these values down rather than building them up.

I remain a proud independent conservative. One who refuses to be brow beat by the Leninist goons of a defeated philosophy of governance, or the neo cons of a prior fascistic era. Sorry TAO, you can not, and will not win at your attempt at subversion through bullying and misrepresentation of independent conservative views..

On this, the celebration of George Washington's birthday, Long Live The Republic!

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