Thursday, February 4, 2010

Time To Raise The Debt Ceiling - Again

Please forgive me but I am finding myself in an ever increasing mood of... "what the hell does it matter." I mean since our Congress, and the  President ( past and present on both counts)  just don't seem to understand basic mathematics, or fiscal restraint, why should a person who does care beat their head against the proverbial wall when it obviously doesn't matter anymore.

What a joke it is. Congress imposes a debt ceiling but as soon as the government reaches the limit Congress just raises the ceiling so as to keep the most irresponsible and insatiable appetite in the world well fed and fat. With more borrowed dollars of course, and at the expense of, and to the detriment of every citizen of this Nation..

Interventionist foreign policy, social welfare programs and entitlements, pork galore to satisfy special interests, government subsidies for businesses... and on it goes. I believe our national problem can be summed up in this short statement... The citizens of America, and the government it elects to govern, have simply lost all sense of responsibility and discipline with respect to the countries fiscal affairs.

Perhaps when we need a trunk full of dollar bills to by a loaf of bread and a quart of milk, or when we are owned in majority by the nations we once defeated in conflict and then helped rebuild, we will finally begin to see the errors we have committed. Unfortunately for  the nation it will then be to late.

So keep on a spending like there is a party going on. Live it up Congress and Mr President, all in the name of "helping the people" of course. After all it wont be you, who have gotten wealthy by doing nothing of intrinsic value, that will be paying the note when they become due.

So you go right ahead, raise the debt ceiling again to over fourteen billion dollars. Keep on a spending and partying on our dime. I say dime because after you all get through that is about what a dollar will be worth in "real money."

If anyone really cares about our fiscal irresponsibility now is the time to do something about it. We could start by turning out the irresponsible, and reckless (forgive me) idiots that now govern our nation. The 2010 mid term elections, followed by 2012 is where it must begin. And not by voting party line, but by voting for the individual that best demonstrates by deed, as well as words the sound fiscal responsibility this nation needs.

Now, please follow this link for more on Raising The Debt Ceiling.

In response to my opening statement... I rant because I care, and I know tens of millions if not hundreds of millions care as well. So lets do something about it and begin restoring this nation to sound fiscal policies that it once had.

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  1. it's going to take many years and a lot of sacrifice to pull off what you are suggesting. that is already a fact and not only by our generation but those we leave this nation to.

    but one thing is for sure, the day of reckoning is right around the corner. and we better prepare our kids for this day by instilling in them the desire to save their money for that rainy day instead of spending it without thought of the morrow.

  2. Griper, I hate to say it but I believe you are quite right.


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