Friday, February 5, 2010

Thomas Jefferson - A Deist As Well As A Man of Reason

Thomas Jefferson, our third president was above all  else a man of  reason, science, and liberty. He was also a Deist.

View his wisdom here.


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  3. It's comforting to see that Jefferson, at least in my view had no problem with God. It was some of those that claimed to speak for Him he mistrusted.

    And in a way, I can almost envy him for the time he lived in RN. No TV and other distractions. No FOX or CNN. Plenty of time to read great books and write great things.

  4. Truth- I admire Jefferson for much,not the least of which was his reasoned approach toward religion.That, as you point out, was his mistrust of organized religion and man's ability to justify acts that are unethical or immoral on religious interpretation and doctrine.

    I join you in your envy of Jefferson's time. I too believe men of that time used their minds to develop the greatest system of government ever designed by men.

    For it was based on the individual, the rights of the individual,limited government control over the individual, yet with a proper amount of laws to insure the functioning of a civil society.

    How simple yet beautiful a system.

  5. Jefferson agrees with us RN. Not bog government or small government. Just however much is necessary to ensure a civil society.

  6. Truth - The only point I would make is that IMO, based on my understanding of Jeffersonian principals and beliefs, the size of government should be as limited and non intrusive as is possible.

    What we have today is far beyond that, and I point the finger of blame as much at interventionist foreign policy as I do at the social engineers. Both extremes bear equal responsibility.


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