Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarah Palin - The Tea Party Convention and Crib Notes

Rational Nation USA will start by saying the proprietor is not a Sarah Palin supporter in the strict sense of political and governmental theory or practice. However, Rational Nation USA will also  go on record supporting her right to use "crib notes" in whatever means she so chooses. Just as the current President and law professor also does.

Rational Nation USA is no longer into the bashing of political figures just for the sake of bashing or the perceived political gain by so doing. Sure, Rational Nation USA has its personal, and often emotional rather than rational opinions. If we are honest with ourselves we all, conservative and liberal, have a human tendency to do so. Such is the reality of politics specifically and life generally.

Back to Sarah Palin. The political left is having a hey day apparently with her crib notes. Big f'ing deal. How about the profligate use of the teleprompter by our President? Again big f'ing deal.

Rational Nation USA promised to stay out of the fray on this one. And so it will. Rational Nation USA's position is really this; if we have nothing of substance that eclipses this issue one rationally would have to conclude we are in pretty good shape in America.

So, while tending to support Sarah Palin in her remarks, I leave the partisan political debate to others. In the interest of time Rational Nation USA gives you the links to that which frames the debate.

For the left, and now for the right.

Rational Nation USA believes the right is correct on this one. RN USA also leaves it to the readership to determine its own  independent judgement. After all is said and done, is it not that, which true independent conservatism is really all about?
I leave the answer to my readership and their wisdom.

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  1. Sorry, are becoming a political hack!

    When Sarah Palin denounced Rahm Emmanuel for his comment and the use of the word "retard" and then to watch her dance totally around and spin an excuse of why Rush Limbaugh's use of the word was totally okay...

    Well, that's bullshit....

    Had she denounced both of them I would have looked at her in a totally different way...

    Its looks to me like the right is having a field day trying to pimp fluff.....

    She's fluff....

    You would be better off pushing Thune in 2012.

  2. The fact that we're even talking about Palin's crib notes and Obama's teleprompter shows that there is no meaningful political discourse in this country. It's just a masquerade.

    As for the brouhaha over "retard," I was disappointed that Palin brought up Rahm's use of it in the first place, much less whether Rush was using it satirically. Offensive or not, it's still an attempt to censor language that is unbecoming of a people who are supposed to cherish the freedom of speech.

  3. TAO - Sorry you see it that way. My point is fair is fair. It was not to discuss either Rahm Emmanuel's nor Rush Limbaugh's, (nor Palin's comments with respect to same) comments and use of the word retard. Which by the way I find personally distasteful. But again the subject matter I focused on was her use of Crib motes on her hand and the response from the left. Which I might add was fully anticipated as Palin gave the hacks from the left exactly that which they seek. No doubt unintentionally however.

  4. Carl - I believe your points are right on.I suppose my post was a weak attempt to make those very points.

    Thank you for making them clearly and accurately.

  5. I feel like the “crib notes” and “retarded” issue has been beaten to death in the blogosphere over the last few days. But here is my 2 cents for what it’s worth…

    Personally I don’t think it’s a big deal that Palin scrawled a few words on her hand to remind herself of the main points she wanted to remember. It wouldn’t be my way, as I prefer note cards. In all honesty I’m sick of the “bashing” Obama about his teleprompter and quite frankly could care less anymore about Palin’s edgy speak. I’d much rather discuss the more important issues we’re facing in our country right now. But what does this tell us, as a whole, when people can’t stop focusing on who’s pronouncing what incorrectly as a matter of priority?

    As far as Emanual’s “retarded” comment goes—we all know Rahm isn’t known for his decorum, however, I truly don’t believe he meant it maliciously and he certainly didn’t say it to offend Palin’s son, so, there’s no reason for Palin to call for his resignation. I’ve been very fair with my analysis of Rush in the past so I believe I’m being fair here now in that Rush’s rant wasn’t meant to slander Down’s syndrome people either but as a means to smear Emanuel. Not that I like or think what he said was right. But Palin should take offense to what Limbaugh said also, if she’s going to be fair and balanced. Double standards, no matter how you spin them, just don’t cut it.

  6. Pamela- Well put. Fair and balanced.

    The level of current day political discussion leaves much to be desired. The focus on sound bites and personal attacks (often ungrounded), really do nothing to help solve the nations problems.

  7. It's my premise the Tea Party is generally grounded in good ideas but the associated Teabagger group(s) have been subverted from within, by the out right bigots (the small but vocal Birthers) and are now being assimilated from without by the Republican Borg.

  8. Gene - I tend to agree with you on this.


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