Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ron Paul - A Philosophy Of Governance For Our Time

Ron Paul, the libertarian leaning republican representative from Texas, and a candidate for his parties 2008 presidential nomination proving again he is one of the few republicans with ideas worth serious consideration. His brand of fiscal conservatism and non interventionist foreign policy is the right prescription for our nation at precisely the right time.

He touches on some issues that should be important to Americans of all political persuasions in the following short interview with Judge Napolitano.

Representative Paul,  appearing at CPAC's 2010 conference had much more to say on the values of limited government, liberty, non interventionist foreign policy, and fiscal responsibility. His libertarian principals continue to gain ground nationwide. With Paul as spokesman for these principals it is certain the movement will continue to grow. While it unlikely he will mount another campaign in 2012 for his parties nomination, he should, and no doubt will, remain a strong and a viable leader in the conservative and libertarian movements.

And now the three part CPAC speech by Mr.Paul.


  1. If you don't want the liberals abusing the machinery of government, you have to throttle it back so no one can. I wish conservatives could get that through their thick skulls.

    "Our big government is better than their big government" just isn't a viable campaign slogan.

  2. Indeed. I wish conservatives would also.

    Agree that "Our big government is better than their big government" lacks as a campaign slogan.

    Government has grown to such an extent the scalpel required to trim it back and reverse the unbridled growth will need to be huge, sharp, and swift, like a guillotine.

    Judging from recent history we are in for a long suffocating ride. That is why Ron Paul's philosophy of governance is so threatening to the established Republican power structure.

    And we the people will be the losers, again.

  3. Excellent points, Silverfiddle and RN. It seems to me that lots of conservatives need to realize that when a Republican grows the power of the government it stays in place for the Democrats when they come in.

  4. I strongly agree with his noninterventionism. It's basically the idea that the lives of foreigners are worth less than the lives of Americans, and that we should stick our head in the sand and ignore problems until the last minute.


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