Sunday, February 7, 2010

Religion and the BBC's Executive

Aaqil Ahmed, BBC's newly appointed executive has stated with respect to religion: "I think all the faiths should be treated in the dame way. I don't believe in treating any faith differently."

He went on to say he disagrees that the BBC is marginalizing religion. He claims the statement is on oversimplification and argues that Christianity is already well covered.

Britain, a nation with an overwhelming majority of Christians, has seen the volume of religious programming drop twelve percent over the last twenty years. Church leaders have been especially concerned that two popular and respected religious programs, Everyman, and Heart of the Matter have not been replaced leaving just two programs remain.

Ahmed, the networks first Muslim, said when asked about the future of Sons of Praise Ahmed replied, "Who knows what's going to happen in five years, ten year? I won't be here."

I don't want to take this leap, but I can't help but think that with a growing Muslim population in Europe, and the stated goal of Islam to dominate the world, there may be more than meets the eye here.

Read "Church of England is 'living in the past', says BBC head of religion."
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  1. All religions have fundamentalists who think their religion is the only true religion.Islam no different from Christianity in that respect.

    There are Muslims who want to establish a Caliphate. Undoubtedly Christian sects who feel the same need to spread their word and exclude others. However it's misleading to make it appear like Islam is any more radical than Christianity.

    Just look at all the wingnuts who believe in the Rapture.

  2. Yes Oso.

    But name one that has as it's overriding agenda the extermination of the non believers of it's faith such as Islam does.

    read my post on the matter. Specifically with respect to Geert Wilders. And then read the Quran as I have done kn part.

    Then we can talk.

  3. I read the Quran.Nothing about extermination.A lot of the "fire and brimstone" kind of thing in the bible, in reference to sinners.Nothing about extermination.
    If you want to talk extermination-look at Christianity right here in America. Genocide against Indians.Three million Vietnamese dead.One million Iraqis dead. Islam can't hold a candle to Christianity. And I'm a Christian.

  4. It is one of the reasons why I have NO use for any organized religion.

    Read the Quran again slowly. It is an amazingly violent religion and the Muslim were no saints during the Crusades when the Christians pushed the conquering Muslims out of southern Europe.

    I have little tolerance for Muslim apologists. And I have not forgotten 911. Never will and I refuse to wear the rose colored glasses the liberal Muslim apologist want use all to wear.

    I have read the Bible as well. The entire bible. Please reference one violent verse in the New Testament.

  5. I have read the Bible as well. The entire bible. Please reference one violent verse in the New Testament.

    Very clever switcheroo-- The New Testament v. the Old Testament.

    Trouble is, from my experience, the christian fundamentalists who have a permanent locker room in the GOP LOVE the Mosaic Law in the OT, and pimp Jesus, especially the 'love one another' thing.

    These JP's are now spreading their vulgar version of Christianity throughout the continent of Africa, inflaming the already bitter ethnic rivalries and hatreds.

    Don't assume that they are less violent and less determined to rule the world than the Muslims.

  6. I make no assumptions. I see the dangers. I will not be swayed by usual liberal modus operandi.

    I will give you this, Cristian Fundamentalist do have as you say may have a permanent locker room. However, this is not the point of the post, and the distraction and its purpose is obvious.

    I assume nothing. I also do not accept facts which are nothing less than exaggerations and or perversions of reality.

    Now if you like ask the question; whose reality.


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