Monday, February 1, 2010

Recessionary Cycle?

Received via e-mail this AM from one who chooses to remain anonymous.

h/t to a good friend.


  1. I hate being nudged into defending Obama;i consider his policy a direct extension of Bush administration policy.

    Nevertheless it's frustrating to see this type of picture;i have to assume the individual wasn't carrying the same type of sign decrying Bush's policy. One could claim I can't prove that, but we know she wasn't. If I say it's racial Republicans call it playing the race card.

    How else other than either being a bigot or an idiot can this type of individual be explained?

    Serious question. Where were the tea partiers two or three or eight years ago ? I don't mean fiscal conservatives, you guys are against the type of big spending that's dominated the American political scene for 20 years.

  2. First - I am not trying explain the individual's motivation nor do I know what her position was with respect to GBW and his policies.

    The purpose for my posting this was... well, see my post on BHO's 2011 budget proposal and expected deficits. IMO he will go the way GWB did only four years sooner. And based on the insanity of this budget and resulting deficits he and Congress (if they follow his lesd) should all take a long walk down Pennsylvania Avenue to the unemployment line.

    I do not know where they were. Nor does my wish they had been front and center 5 years ago matter for what is done is done. We can only hope to learn by our errors and failures.

    I have been a fiscal conservative for many years. Since you brought it up, I will add that I am probably deserving of the critical questtion "where were you during the GWB years" as I did not tke an active roll in blogging until June 2009, and it has been critical of our President.

    Having said the above, and acknowledged your point, I ask you this;

    Would you have me, or others who feel as I do simply do nothing on the basis we were not as vocal or active two, three, or eight years ago?

    The bottom line for me is this... I cannot support Obama on most every level as he and I are simply diametrically opposed philosphically, and I did not support Bush on many levels as he was no fiscal conservative as well as being an interventionist with respect to foreign policy.

    Today is a new day. We must concern ourselves with trying to undue the damage already done by past administrations, and the damage currently being done by this one.

    And my friend, race should have nothing at all to do with anything. As we ALL bleed the same color blood, our minds are made of the same grey matter, our central nervous systems work on the same principals, and we all experience joy and pain, the issue is, and must be a matter of ones objective reasoning in regards to anothers views and philosophy. And for the record, those who do not understand this are basically primatives.

    As always Oso I enjoy your visits to RN USA and appreciate the well thought out and respectful way in which you present your position.

  3. RN,
    your point "would you have me...." is very well stated and proves you chose your "rational" handle well.
    I acknowledge its validity.As you've noted before,despite our nominally being on opposite poles we share many beliefs.


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