Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day

Rational Nation USA takes the time to honor a President few would argue was one of, if not the greatest President our nation has ever had. Our first President George Washington.

Washington was so loved and admired by the people of his era he had it in his power to shape our Republic in a manner much different than he did. Washington could have ran for President and likely held the office until his death. To his everlasting credit he was a man of principal and knew that for the Republic to stand and grow as was intended by the Founding Fathers he  must step aside after two terms in office and pass the reins to another.

Thank you Mr. President for your wisdom and love of  liberty and your country. We owe you much still today.

It was not until the progressive Franklin Delano Roosevelt took the reins of power in the late thirties the tradition set in place by Washington was broken. FDR, who obviously was in love with the power the Presidency gave him chose to run for an unprecedented four terms in office. Had the unfortunate circumstance of his death not intervened he likely would have been our first imperial President.

Following FDR, and to the lasting gratitude of liberty loving individuals across this great land, the congress passed into law legislation that restricted the ability of future Presidents to serve as head of state for more than two terms. By codifying Washington's example our Republic was strengthened and the possibility of an imperial presidency  was constitutionally eliminated.

Presidents day is a generic term to denote a day once celebrated as the birthday of our first President George Washington. I guess Congress must have felt it best to name a day not to celebrate the greatest among Presidents but rather to celebrate the office of President. Of course by doing so we then celebrate all Presidents past, present, and future without regard to the stature and moral character of the individual President. A typically socialist mindset.

But in keeping with the generic Holiday Happy Presidents Day to all Presidents, past  and present.  Having said this Rational Nation USA gives special recognition to the following Presidents behind George Washington. All great Presidents in their own right.

Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan... Rational Nation USA salutes you as being part of a group of Presidents deserving of special recognition.

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  1. A great post, excertp posted and linked at LCR.

  2. Thanks LCR.

    I saw your post on the Bayh decision earlier today, as well as Cliff's at Another Black Conservative. I thought they were both accurate so I redid my post and linked you both to Rational Nation USA.


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