Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Apathy Of The American Public

Folks, I am amongst the first to criticize and blame the politicians we have elected to govern us for much. In a very vocal way I have hammered the very government we selected for just about everything that is wrong with America today. And in my mind the criticisms are justified.

With our huge unsustainable  national debt , annual deficits running into a billion plus dollars, our continued ill advised and unnecessary interventionist foreign policy decisions, our incessant demand for more and more social welfare programs, our eagerness to accept money from the Fed for pork barrel projects that benefit only our home state or district, and continued voter apathy that results in business as usual in Washington are part and sum of the problem.

At the same time we want lower taxes, better government services, a military that has become the worlds police force, and a government that really sticks it to those wealthy fat cats that are perceived as robbing us of our fair share. Combined with all this we have in place officials that are only to willing to grant government subsidies (read corporate welfare) to business so they are able to compete and stay afloat. Of course this seems quite all right by those whose jobs are being protected by such subsidy.

I know these are generalizations, and there are those who will take issue with some if not all of these statements. That is good because those who do are at least thinking about the problems confronting us all as American citizens. The process of resolving a problem must begin with thinking, and often outside of the box, to identify a proper solution.

Our nations problems are myriad, complex, intertwined, mutually dependent, and frankly will choke us to death if not resolved in a rational and sensible manner. The hard part as I see it is this... most folks want their cake and eat too. Something that is both philosophically and practically impossible. Yet for a few decades we have been attempting to do just that. It won't work, it has never worked, and it is what has gotten us into such a terrible mess.

As an independent conservative I support a reduction in social spending, a reduction in military spending, the elimination of governmental subsidies to corporations, a reduction in foreign aid in general and the elimination of it to countries not supportive of America, the elimination of special influence groups through eliminating lobbyists in Washington,  the strengthening of our national borders, and for a time keeping the Bush tax cuts in place to name a few of the more important.

Now here is the kicker, a real shocker and certain to be criticized by the extreme right wing reactionaries. When the economy stabilizes and strengthens, when jobs are being created and unemployment is shrinking, when businesses are on their own firm footing, raise taxes in a way that makes sense, does not punish success, and allows more revenue to flow to the treasury.

First cut spending and when the economy is robust again then marginally raise taxes. And here is the real SHOCKER,  USE THE ADDITIONAL REVENUE TO PAY DOWN THE DEBT RATHER THAN RETURN TO GROWING THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT!

To resolve our national problems will require patience, hard work, and tenacity. All qualities missing for a long time in government and frankly in much of the electorate. It is time to face the mirror and rethink our positions with a willingness to acknowledge the status quo is not working for us any longer.

I have had my say, now I welcome yours.


  1. From your profile I read:

    My greatest fear? That the Obama administration will succeed in turning this great nation into a socialist/Marxist state unless we, the people, wake up.

    Then on this thread you say, Folks, I am amongst the first to criticize and blame the politicians we have elected to govern us for much.

    Let me ask you, as I am new to your rants: what were you posting during the 8 years that Bush and Cheney lived in the White House?

  2. Let me just say this, I started blogging in late June of last year. I apologize for the fact I did not see this question coming from those who believe apparently anyone with an opinion different than theirs should have been blogging for the last 9 years.

    Before you put your foot in your mouth why don't you actually look at my positions posted on this blog with respect to the Bush years.

    I will save you the trouble; Bush was a liberal, never met a spending bill he didn't like, made to many interventionist foreign policy decisions (as did Clinton), allowed for corrupt special interests to function just as most modern day presidents and congress have...

    Is that enough? Get over your hatred of GWB and your love affair with Obama and visit the reality that tough and sustained decision need to be made. Your man ain't got the stuff any more than Bush did with respect to fiscal policy and sanity.

    Thank's for the visit and especially the comment. Please feel free to stop by any time.

  3. Get over your hatred of GWB

    Oh, THAT comment is remarkably trite, the usual pap of those without much else to say. Let's see, how many thousands of times did I hear that on apologist sites?

    Sorry if i did not take the time to skim though your stuff, but did not have the time nor desire. I was just checking your fairness and your balance- as in the self-serving FoxNews ditty.

    Social conservative at all or just financial? Just wondering which 'type' you represent.

    BTW, you seem to be angry at my question. Did it upset you?

  4. Well, no, but a person who names their blog "rational" ought not get so huffy when asked a rather straight forward question.

    Or do I have the wrong concept of 'rational'?

  5. If huffy you think I am so be it.

    If you do not have the time nor desire to check anything out I hope you found what you were (or weren't) looking for.

    No, your question did not upset me. I have answered it before. I am now just tired of explaining that which is frankly a moot point.

    And I believe I gave you a fairly straight forward answer with respect to my position on Bush in my initial response.

    I represent the independent type.


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