Sunday, February 14, 2010

Americas Muslim President

Rational Nation USA admits to having intense philosophical differences with the current administration. Certainly there are some redeeming values to be found,.... please excuse my momentary lapse of memory with respect to those values. However, I am sure my friends  from the left will remind me specifically of those values I have forgotten.

The president, again pandering to his faithful and trusted Islamic friends, had the following to say this week. And these are direct quotes from the President.

Assalaamu alaykum. And on behalf of the American people-including Muslim communities across America-greetings as you gather for the 7th U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Doha.

I want to thank all those whose support has made this Forum possible, especially the Amir of Qatar, the government of Qatar and the Saban Center at the Brookings Institution. It is fitting that you gather again in Doha-a place where our countries come together to forge innovative partnerships in education and medicine, science and technology.

Thank you all for being here. As leaders in government, academia, media, business, faith organizations and civil society, you understand that we are all bound together by common aspirations-to live with dignity, to get an education, to enjoy healthy lives, to live in peace and security, and to give our children a better future.

Yet you also know that the United States and Muslims around the world have often slipped into a cycle of misunderstanding and mistrust that can lead to conflict rather than cooperation.

Read the rest of the POTUS's illuminating remarks here. As always he remains America's "Muslim President.

I leave it to you, the rational thinking citizens to determine what this man is really is saying, and how it is being interpreted by our "enemies" in the Muslim world. Weakness I fear.


  1. I fear weakness and so much more. What this man is truly capable of is of anyone's guess. What he can truly pull off is up to us to decide, we must fight tooth and nail against (nearly) everything that he is doing.

  2. LCR - I always knew he was an extreme left leaning pol. It is disheartening that he appears to have more concern for the east than he does his own nation.

    He is I fear a danger to our national security.


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