Thursday, January 21, 2010

Will This Go Away?

Massachusetts Senator Elect, on his victory night, managed to at the very least embarrass his daughters. Something I surely would not have said even in jest about my own daughter.

His remarks.

In Brown's attempt at humor he went dicey and overboard. As a result he set himself up for the following from Glenn Beck.

Brown's comment was ill advised, could potentially have politically damaging fallout, and should not have been made. It is perfectly valid that he be brought to task for his remarks that were no doubt said in jest. He perhaps should give up humor.

The question is which of these remarks was the most egregious? I leave it to you, my reader to decide.

Via: Memeorandum
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  1. The second video says "Glenn Beck destroys Scott Brown". Hm

    Did you hear the completely rude comment Beck made today on-air regarding his wife and Obama?

    Glenn...take the plank outta your own eye, buddy.

  2. Well said Don. Beck is begging to lose me. After reading his book last summer, "Common Sense", I developed a degree of respect for him.

    I am slowly beginning to lose it.

  3. Such as it seems to go, RN. When Beck is doing what he does better than anyone else, which to me is being a snoop and a digger, he is brilliant. However, he has started to behave as though the thought of himself has become bigger than the man himself.

    Not a good thing. Never a good thing. There is a saying I adhere to in my own life: "Pride goes before the fall." 'Nuff said.

  4. Brown's probably a decent guy. We all make distasteful remarks. He supported Massachusetts universal care. He may well be one of the republicans I predict will end up suporting something on the national level. If not out of duty to America, then duty to keeping his seat in the senate.

    He might stay loyal to the republicans but the truth is FOX News is running out of places to put "contributors." Which is the same as rewarding the loyal with a nice paycheck.

    Beck is a McCarthyist clown.

  5. a big ado over nothing as far as i'm concerned.
    a father embarrassing their daughter or daughters are a part of growing up and the girls are old enough to get over it. he'll get it from all three barrels once he gets home like every father does when they do something like that.

    mothers will do somilar things to their sons.

  6. I don't see it as a big deal either. I'd say he was a little overwhelemed/suprised/under-prepared wiht the speech, winning by as much as he did, he'll pay a price for comments that should have not made the 2nd draft. It should be a good lesson for him.

    It was a big moment, but it bothers me more that audiences seem to go automatically into screaming monkey howling mode as this one.

    It's not that his words (compared to some goosebump giving speeches by R Reagan on youtube for example should do) were powerful to say the least. Daughters, Basketball with Obama. Big yawn really from me.
    Though I am very glad the Dems did not maintain in Mass., and we'll see what comes from this guy who sold himself on not pastels but very conservative values.

    Glenn Beck? For my money he goes off half cocked too many times and frankly often talks about stuff I'm simply not interested in. The radio show has far too many sound effects. He's more of an entertainer than a serious analyst imo.

    I prefer Mike McConnell, local in Cincinnati on WLW, and nationwide on Saturday on your Clear Channel station. He gets right to it. fwiw.

  7. Rational,

    Beck had a ghost writer on Common Sense...

    He is an entertainer....and everyone wants to turn him into a cult hero...

    Now his ego is such that he wants to get into politics...

    Glad I can think for myself and have no desire to be a groupy....

    As far as Brown goes...good lord, he found himself on the national stage for the first time and he said something that anyone of us would have said as a stupid comment to cover up our nervousness....

    Not quite as bad as "I can see Russia from my backyard..." but close...

  8. Rational: I don't think what Brown said was that big a deal. He was nervous and just trying to make a "funny" while introducing his "girls".

    Now, Beck, whom I happen to listen to regularly and consider “the last man standing” as far as talk-radio hosts go in my listening area, was a bit over the top. I heard this segment and the word “psycho” came to mind…for BECK! I mean, come on. Brown’s comment wasn’t THAT bad but Beck thinks “this could end with a dead intern”, so “let’s monitor him”. We NEED to monitor EVERYONE in Congress, for Pete’s sake!

    I sure hope Beck isn’t getting too big for his britches with a #3 radio show, high ratings for his TV show and 3 best-selling books in less than a year.

  9. Well, we all agree it wasn't that big a deal. But we all know it will come up time and again as long as Senator Brown is in politics. And probably beyond if he stays in the public light.

    The candidates I worked for,I always recommended to them to stay on their script. A canned, rehearsed response doesn't sound canned and rehearsed if it's practiced enough. My Dad was a master at it. No doubt, Reagan and Obama are ultra masters. Just smart politics.

  10. TRUTH - It seems so. Nice to all agree now and again.

    Good advice you gave the candidates you supported, well said.

  11. if there is agreement here then the only ones who will bring it up are those without a good argument to rebut anything Brown says or does.

    thus it could be said that use of it is only a means to an end and a poor means, i may add.

  12. Gripper - Well said. I posted to generate thought. Every individual must decide for themselves the answer to these questions.

  13. I think Scott Brown was being nervous and just bad at improv. Beck needs to get a grip.


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