Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We Should Be Thankful!

For quite some time now Rational Nation USA has been making the pitch it is time for American Citizens to clean house. That is, empty the capital of those human ornaments, that aside from being not so pretty, have proven their inability to govern properly and in the name of the people.

It seems as though many, ten Democrats, and fourteen Republicans have decided to do the right thing and not seek reelection. In other words retire so they can do no further damage to our nation.

Their names, although some of them are making perhaps  the first principled decision of their political careers, is not what is important. What is important is they are leaving office at the end of their current term. Twenty four of them, so far, have decided to do the right thing, Rational Nation USA applauds them all.

These individuals are leaving office not because they want to. They are leaving because they realize the mood of the American People is decidedly AGAINST the type of governance they have provided the country. 

So, as these twenty four decide to leave office voluntarily, let the American People turn the rest out involuntarily in 2010 and 2012. We could call it "The Era of Dusting and Cleaning."

Here is some good reading on this wonderful development. Washington Monthly, Politico ,The New York Times 

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  1. Brilliant article!

    You said: "..have proven their inability to govern properly and in the name of the people."

    I sincerely could not agree with you more there. For too long have we been ruled-over and not governed. Big difference.

    "The Era of Dusting and Cleaning" sounds better than "The Era of Horse-whipping and Stocks", but that's just my two cents.

    2010: The Year of Reckoning, indeed.

  2. Yes it is indeed the only way we will regain our Republic. Turn them all out and replace them with responsible "AGENTS OF THE PEOPLE: who understand and support the Constitution of The United States of America.


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