Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This is John Galt Speaking - The Final

Today Rational Nation USA presents the final installment of "This is John Galt Speaking." It is a proper conclusion to what is an ethical and proper standard by which to live ones life.

The entire series, just over two hours, is essentially an audio presentation of the values so eloquently presented by Ayn Rand in her epic novel Atlas Shrugged. The values of rational self interest, productive achievement, the use of ones mind as the only tool of reason, that a persons happiness is their highest moral value, and so much more.

The beauty in this last and concluding segment is it asks you to go back to your earliest memories, before the corrupting forces of guilt and preconceived notions influenced your life and caused you to doubt your reason.

Enjoy, as this may be the best of the series. As you contemplate the words you hear, try do so with the innocence of the child you once were.

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  1. Thanks for posting my series- please know that it is in the process of being re-made and a version 2.0 playlist can be found on YouTube that is 12 videos and going strong. I hope to be finished with this monumental project within the year.



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