Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Socialism On The March

A accurate illustration representing the goal of all socialist minded groups and governments.

There are "officially accepted" definitions of socialism that define the concept in both economic and political terms. They are probably all accurate to a degree.

In the long past days of my youth, during that idealistic period when many youth experience the belief that government can better peoples lives, the thought of utopia fleetingly passed through my mind.

Until reason took hold. The day when it became clear that an individuals life, and its success or lack thereof must rightly depend on them. When the realization the accomplishments and value one receives in life should be the direct result of each individual and their efforts, of lack thereof.

Socialism at its core holds that each man is responsible for the welfare and well being of his fellow man. Put another way, as the picture above aptly  illustrates, it is the belief the the most productive in society must relinquish their earned property through the force of a  government gun held to their head. 

Today the march to socialism is alive and well as Brazil opened the five day long event  known as the World Social Forum. As could be expected youth flocked to the occasion.

The march towards socialism continues in the U.S.A. as well. Socialism has its proponent world wide and has as its mission the subjugation of the individual to the will of the collective. 

The socialist argument is the greater good is achieved by the elevation of all to a higher standard of living. However, when one looks reality through other than rose colored glasses, it becomes apparent when the incentive (profit) to innovate and  excel is taken away it is less likely innovation and excellence will occur in great abundance.

History has shown this to be true. One only need look at the U.S.A., and its predominately  capitalist system (at leas for the first 115 years or there abouts of its existence) to find ample proof of  the merits of capitalism.

The socialists gathered in Porto Alegre Brazil no doubt would be  happy to depend on the accomplishments of the most productive in society to support their lives. One wonders if they ever think about what would happen if the most productive stopped producing.

The old Soviet Union, Cuba, and other sorry socialist/collectivist societies stand as monuments to the merits of capitalism over socialism/collectivism. It is the hope of every individualist liberty minded person that the socialist onslaught is stopped before it succeeds in taking a deep hold in the U.S.A.

It seems to this individual that we have already traveled a good distance down that road of altruistic  socialism. Or as the left prefers to identify it, progressivism. 

And now, so as to provide balanced reporting as i step down off my soapbox, read the full news story at Associated Press.

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Via: AP Associated Press 


  1. don't forget the element of "force" that is needed to bring socialism to reality, my friend. that is the most important elrment to the fallacy of socialism. socialism cannot exist without the government forcing it on the people.

  2. oops, see you already addressed the issue of "force" as the picture illustrates.:)

    gotta wake up before i write, i see. :)

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