Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rep. Ron Paul on the Tea Parties

Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas, a favorite of the Tea Baggers, has cautioned the GOP not to align itself to closely with protesters. Because of the (volatility)of protesters their actions, and the messages they send, can often be  unpredictable and inconsistent.

Paul told MSNBC's Rachel Maddox on Wednesday evening, "I don't think you can talk about the tea party as a party. It's made up of a lot of different people. And I don't even see them as being Republican"

He went on to say, "I think they are unhappy. They're unhappy with the establishment party. And that's made up of the Republicans and the Democrats. If the Republicans don't catch on to that, they can't build their party."

Paul, when asked about the recent photo circulating on liberal blogs with a prominent tea party organizer holding a sign with what can be considered inflammatory and racially motivated language said, tea party activists  sometimes "act to angrily, and to doesn't come off well." He added that, "If they keep doing that, yes, it may not necessarily build the party." 

Paul as always a voice of reason. His advice to the GOP is sound, and the tea party organizers, particularly should the movement become a organized 3'rd party, listen to his word for them. And then  heed them.

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  1. The idiotic Libs seem to supply a lot of historical data mixed with opinion but fail to acknowledge the ground-swell of un-rest amoung everyday Americans that don't like the Crap this administration is attempting to shove down our collective throats. Look at the election results of 1993 prior to the Conservative Landslide of 1994 during the Clinton admin. Looks strangely the same.

    In short, the people have finally begun to wake up and realize how dangerous this narcissist in-cheif we have elected is. He is more worried about his and Miss Michelle's photo ops than actually doing his job. What a joke (bad though it may be) he is!!!

    The people will prevail and it will begin with a blanket take-over of Congress and Senate in 2010. Then we will begin to have enough Conservative teeth to shut this communist President down and put the people back in their God-given role of ownership of this fine country.

    May Obama fail at everything he attempts is my fervent prayer.... May God Bless America!!!! AMEN

  2. Ration. Great blog you're got here. Another for my endless reading list.

    Ron Paul is right.

  3. Ps - I agree whole-heartedly with your profile statement

  4. Mike,
    I am only another blogger on Rational Nations site, so I ask this with all due respect:
    How can you possibly get "communist" from anything Obama has done. IMO he's not communist, not socialist-by observing his actions he's not even a liberal.

    He got far more Finance sector contributions than McCain and again IMO that down payment paid off for them.

    His healthcare reform package greatly benefits the insurance industry and does very little for the taxpayers who must fund the thing.

    His financial reform package lacks teeth, most of the needed regulatory reform is in the process of being cut out the same way the public option and drug negotiation were cut out of HCR.

    What is being shoved down our throats is the same thing the previous four administrations shoved down our collective throats-bailouts, transfer of wealth upwards and loss of US jobs-at the expense of the middle class/working class American taxpayers.
    My opinion.

  5. Mike - I certainly agree that we need to do "a dusting and cleaning " of Washington in 2010 and 2012. I also agree, as I have stated many times om my site Obama is, in my opinion a statist with a very progressive (fancy name for socialist)agenda. He is using however, the same techniques all statists use to accomplish their ends. Just as G.W. Bush did before him.

    However to refer to Obama as a communist, either in the true sense of Communism as envisioned my Marx, or as Communism existed in the 20th century is a bit of a misnomer.

    Our system of government will continue to work as long as we the people take an active interest and remain engaged and active. And I might add rise above the rancor so freely tossed about.

    As Rand said, reason is our only absolute. When emotion gets in the way of reason it clouds one's ability to act rationally.

    Thanks for the visit, read, and comment. Hope to see you back as RN USA in the future.

  6. The Kid - I am glad you like it, Thanks, I hope you visit and comment often.

  7. Oso - Some very goods points you make. I agree with much of your independent analysis.

  8. Paul is very live and let live. For him to say this about the tea party movement is a real indictment.

    I'm wondering where Mike has been the past year. Much of what Obama has done has been an extension of Bush policies.

  9. RN,
    You used the term "statist" in one of your replies.I had to look it up, never heard it before. It would explain (as you indicated) how either side could work towards govt control.
    Thanks for the new word !
    Only negative is, at my age whenever I learn something new I forget something I already knew.

  10. When emotion gets in the way of reason it clouds one's ability to act rationally.

    Rational: This is what I see with the "tea parties". They are angry, with good reason, because I’m angry at the bailouts, stimulus, omnibus, health care and possibly cap and trade. However, tirades, insulting signs and loud voices never solved anything. I believe we need to become educated, involved and united. Only then will we be strong enough to strengthen our country.

  11. TRUTH - Paul should have been our President, but it wasn't meant to be I guess.

    Obama has extended some of Bushes policies, yes. He has went way beyond in fact in some ways.

  12. Oso - Indeed, and both parities when in power for far to many years.

  13. Pam - Thanks for the read and your comment.

    You are so right, and as some polls indicate, the majority of Americans are angry as well and for the same reasons.

    What you say in the final three sentences of your comment here, and on your site, is so very true.


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